Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola shopping....

We finally made it to Costco yesterday after a few weeks of attempting to be together at the same time for a few hours. Family time is important with the in-laws, so I never complain and am good with being alone. Between the homestead, the cabin, the dog, the gym, reading, running, etc. I never have a spare moment anyhow.

Costco installed some new tall coolers for things like cheese, lunchmeat, etc. so they have some new products that I was hoping to check out. In a large fail however, they put sample people at the end of each cooler isle, blocking half of it. My anxiety level was already on red alert (I'm a people person, honest....) so instead of ramming people and carts, we deftly avoided the area and went for the dry goods. That's always empty.

even in a pandemic....

As I was paying, a lady in line behind us asked where our bakery was at so she could stop by. I looked at her with a "what" look on my face and she pointed to my cart.

20 pounds of flour and 10 pounds of sugar and some assorted meats.

My reply was, "doesn't anyone cook, thats only enough for a month of cooking."

Lady says, "then I guess you don't have a bakery so I can't stop by."

Yup, nobody cooks, or as it was pointed out to me on the drive home: she was wanting some special morning buns....

I'm also out of evaporated milk, so no pumpkin pie last night. Sad family dinner night with just chocolate chip brownies. I'm a horrible prepper.


  1. Oh, hell. You can get by without pumpkin pie. The brownies would have done me fine, provided of course, that good strong coffee was to be had.

  2. I can make you some, if your UPS driver won't eat them all.

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