Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter cardio at -10

When it's cold out, and snowing, I tend to do something crazy. Sometimes it's run in deep snow, sometimes it's shovel more than necessary, sometimes it's cooking new stuff.

Today when I arrived at the cabin it was the perfect time for a hike. Without cheating I went with what I had on hand. Jeans, boots, t-shirt, light winter jacket, head wrap, beanie hat. I have better winter gear in the car and at the cabin but since you can't always plan when an emergency will happen I just took what was on, or in my bag.
An hour later I made it back to the cabin (after getting the mail) and I only spent a few minutes thawing out. With the wind chill it was at least -10 and it had snowed enough to bury my tracks 30 minutes later. I had a great time, saw a few deer and a bunny.

After I ate about 12 too many ginger snaps I had to visit the woodshed and restock the inside wood supply. Growing up with only wood heat I remember how critical packing a stove for the night (or day) is. 
On the way to the woodshed I had a meeting with a shovel. I'm a sucker for staying active. I decided to blur out my car and the effect was pretty neat.

Back to the wood stove, I'll set my alarm for 1:30 AM to check on the fire and repack if necessary. It helps keep the electric bill down too!

The inside temps at the cabin before the fire was going were:
Inside the front door: 60
In the kitchen on the fireplace edge: 68
Master bedroom: 56 (this is a small thermometer thats just laying on my nightstand but it felt about 56 degrees)

It's creeping up to 80 in the front rooms, the master bedroom is 64 and perfect. I planned on taking tomorrow off to enjoy the snow but instead have a meeting scheduled for 11 so I'll hit the road about 8:30. 
It took a little over 2 hours to arrive this afternoon, I was patient and just podcaster out while traffic crawled around like it was gridlock in LA. It's just snow, but what do I know. Perhaps the snow will lift so I can get some great valley scenery shots.


  1. I have been following the weather on the satellite television. Seems like your state is getting some horrifically cold weather. Maybe you should check out a copy of "The Day After Tomorow" or whatever that movie was about a big cold snap, and just stay forted up at home.

    1. I almost watched that last night, but decided on the Avengers instead. I wish I had made a different choice, Avengers was lame on a superhero level.