Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Let's start with pictures from the last week at the cabin. It was "warm" this week. It's going to hit almost 50 today, I'm heading down tomorrow again with a friends family so they can check out "base camp" for some epic adventures to follow this year. These pictures are from various times of the days, unfortunately there was no awesome sky color with the sunsets, but that's a product of having clear skies.

Stepping out of my comfort zone a little, I signed up for a rock, paper, scissors tournament hosted by a local non-profit. I was late, my workout ran overtime but I showed up and lost, and lost again. I was placed into the losers bracket for a chance at redemption and after many threats, shouts and even throwing a chair around I took third place overall. Much fun was had by all and I won a haircut and shave for a prize. Score, I am looking ragged. I think I played a total of 12 times and even knocked a lady out of the competition who had initially beaten me (and was talking shit anytime I was playing).
Rock is missing his cabin time hikes so there has been extra love given, and received.
Finally found some good .308 magazine pouches. These are for a SCAR-H but they were a perfect fit. Now I wish I had opted for the 6 magazine configuration instead of the 4. Just glad I finally decided try and find some pouches, a plastic grocery bag just isn't tact-cool nor efficient.
Busy season at work trying to get everything finalized for this year and set up for next. Working on getting hundreds of gift cards for employee's for the holiday party and making sure bonuses are turned in and paid on time. Not sure if I'll be getting a bonus but we will replace the carpet at the cabin if so. I never expect it so there isn't disappointment if one isn't received.

Have a great weekend.


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  2. The Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney reminds me of the scene in Chevy Chase Vegas Vacation when they ended up at the low rent casino.

    I think all double stack .308 semi auto mags are pretty much the same general dimensions, at least close enough for pouches to be compatible.

    1. You are probably right, I just never really looked for some in depth. Sometimes I want the easy way out, "AR .308 magazine pouch!"

      *now on sale!

      Vegas Vacation was another fun movie, I'll have to re-watch it soon.