Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend range time

We decided to get some range time in, but with a hatred of structured shooting range we headed into the woods. Using my awesome skills, I made some target stands that were only 10% cock-eyed and crooked. Someone forgot to charge the battery for the skill saw (and that meant the saws-all) and I didn't feel like dragging the extension cord out. Good thing we have hand saws.
These target stands were nice, ended up not working out as planned, the selected location was sloped and soft causing the anchoring spikes to be short. We laid them sideways and they worked. The staple gun broke, then the packing tape somehow lost all it's stickiness. Masking tape holding targets on for the win.

After warming up we did quick draw drills on 3 targets, 2 rounds each. Speed and accuracy. I averaged about about 7 seconds from draw to last round out, all shots were on target. Distance was 35-40 feet, targets were spaced 20 feet apart in an arc.
Other drills were scanning and having someone call out what target to engage, misfires, reloads, etc. It was surprising to some how the anxiety level went up even before they started to shoot.

The AR's came out and we did the same type of drills, 5 rounds on target from a low ready or high ready position. From buzzer to last round I was around 8 seconds with an average of 14 hits out of 15 rounds fired. We did some move and shoot, untamed, and all of us were about 75% accurate here, 30 rounds (5 per target from left to right and back). Distance was 105-110 feet for the rifle shooting.

These type of drills are a lot more realistic vs. standing at a range table and being very controlled for accuracy. We are looking forward to some more range fun in a few weeks, with some harder drills already planned. Moving and shooting is the hardest, there are a lot more things to consider and try to deal with, especially when you sprint from cover to cover.

147gr 9mm JHP. This is our new carry ammo, it arrived on Saturday so we tested it out some. The kick is a little more noticeable in the M&P Shield, but the Xdm seemed the same. It's what we expected, we wanted something with a little more punch vs. the 115gr. (or lower grain) store shelf standard hollow points.
Prancing Rock, enjoying fetching, swimming and the occasional freak out when a bicycle went by. This is in reservoir one, dog swimming allowed.
Here is a view of the area where we call home. That's cheyenne mountain, home of NORAD. This photo is taken in between the two reservoirs.
Another view, this one includes the upper reservoir (taken from the north side), no entrance allowed. This is 1/4 mile away and up from the other reservoir it gets very little traffic around it so it's usually a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. I had a dog nip me while I was running on Saturday and we had an aggressive large standard poodle charge us while hiking on Sunday. The charge caused Rock to freak out and he slipped on a bank and landed on some sharp pointy sticks. Luckily no harm was done but I was beyond pissed off.
Why can't we be left alone to enjoy ourselves? Grrr.


  1. Sonds like an exciting adventure. I have always wanted to try shooting just never had the time to do it. Thanks for all the great photographs.

    1. I've been around firearms all my life, but like most everything else, it's a perishable skill. Real world situations usually require split second decisions, quick reactions and good accuracy. It's also a lot of fun. There are usually lady gun clubs that a lot of people enjoy, takes the man equation out of things.
      I'm glad you like the pictures, I love to document our life in photo's.