Monday, March 17, 2014

from winter jacket to watering the yard

that's how Colorado weather is so awesome.

We headed out on an adventure to look at property in an area neither of us had ever been to. It's a little more drive time, but it has 3 ways in that include right over the mountains off the beaten path. The area is lush with a lot of grassy plains, high peaks and of course trees. There wasn't much for sale, but we had a good time of it. We wrote down names of a few real estate companies to look into when we got back.
We saw a lot of antelope, horses, cows and zebra's. Yes, someone out in the woods has 3 zebra's.

This was a pit stop for a doggie break, but I thought the rocks were interesting. Probably full of rattlesnakes.
The real estate we did look up was expensive, 40% more than anything we had been looking at to the south. The "town" consists of a small restaurant/art gallery and 2 bars. This is the sort of place that you buy in bulk and if you don't have something you need it's an hour or more away. We will keep it in mind and go look again this summer so we know what it's like mid-year.

We both repacked our bags. Some of the winter gear was replaced, batteries were checked and swapped out, etc.
This is my bag with a lot of the gear spread across the dining room table. We need a room with a 50 foot table. It was important to just do a once over, check the medical stuff, clothing, etc. We swapped out our freeze dried food with MRE's. They weigh more but give you more without the need to rehydrate them.
All repacked and ready to go, Rock snout not included. 40 Pounds including mags, ammo, SBR, etc.   It's just the right weight for me and for the gear. When I strap on my sidearm with a couple of mags it goes up but it's manageable even for some short sprints and longer jogs.

Sunday was yard work day, including turning the compost pile, turning the planting areas and watering the grass. The list for the weekend was 95% completed, including a nice breakfast.
I almost made it through 1 of the 2 back issues of BHM. A nice sunrise to start the day, a good run in 70 degree sun. Tonight is another run, this one is a beast, 1.5 miles up with 1200 foot elevation gain and then 2.5 down. I do like to turn around but sort of feel like I am cutting myself short when I do.

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