Monday, March 10, 2014

How does your garden grow?

During the fall we let the lettuce seed instead of adding it to the compost pile. Now we have lettuce coming up, and a lot of it. The chives from 2 years ago are starting up again but so far nothing else.
We sort of like the wild parts of our garden, we are anxious to see what grows out of the compost pile. Some garden soil will go on to help break down everything. I wouldn't be surprised if we get some tomato, zucchini and squash plants growing out of it in the next 30 days. Another benefit to using heirloom seeds.

Ground beef was on sale for $2.99 for the 93% lean, this was just one of several batches being assembled into packs of 4 burgers. No vacuum sealer this time, these will be gone in a month or so, we have a pack in the fridge thawing right now. Less carbs, more protein... sometimes 2-3 hamburger patties is lunch.

It was 70 degrees yesterday so I had a nice run in the mud and slush of the mountain trails. It was slow, apparently I wasn't fueled properly but I completed it and that's all that matters. I stopped at an overlook to enjoy the scenery for a minute and this couple decided they could run too. They ran 30 feet before the guy had to sit on a rock gasping for air. The lady made it twice the distance before she had enough. I think it's human nature to think 'I can do that, watch me'. Maybe it will spur them to a healthier lifestyle.

Rock had a quiet weekend hiking and patrolling the fence. Our long hike was actually almost undisturbed until the very end when some pocket dogs charged out of the bushes at us. The lady told me that we shouldn't be hiking in the area since I have a pitbull. To prove it's not me, the other half was out running and a dog darted in front causing a front flip-over-dog onto trail scenario. I just said, "so it's not just me then."
"Daylight saving wears me out"

The list of things to do was 80% completed and the remaining items were put on the new list. Mainly just some cooking items, it will be cooler tomorrow evening so we will make some peach jam and bread.
We decided the lists never end.

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