Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moab, Utah adventure

It was a spur of the moment trip for April or even May that we just got back from. Sometimes just dropping everything and taking a few days for fun/adventure is the only way to go. It's also the only time work and house sitting schedules would permit the trip.

We rented a condo so we could cook, it's not only unhealthy to eat out for every meal, but it's really expensive in Moab. 2 half racks of ribs, 2 root beers = $45.00 expensive.

Flat tire #1 of 3 (low tire more like it although we had to clean a bead out on one stop). We finally realized the tire pressure we normally run was too low for the slick rock slope turns. Like good preppers, we had on board air and supplies. It felt nice to be prepared for what happened.

We also had a lot of wrenches and tools so we were able to help these cyclists who has a pedal fall out. It would have been a nasty walk out, we were really in the middle of nowhere and it would have sucked to push a bike around.

These are the typical flat rocks that the trails crossed over. We of course loved the scenery with the snow covered mountains in the distance.

Retro helmet at a snack and water break.


Looking over the city of Moab, a 3+ thousand foot drop in front of me. I may have dressed like batman but I didn't try to fly.

Scenery #1

Golden crack is normally a 6-7 hour drive with our big rigs. We made it there and back in 5, including a long lunch break.

I'm at the top of this hill, I have no fear. That would explain the wheelies and near roll overs I seemed to be doing on every trail. I blamed it on gravity not liking my 210 pound frame. I went over so far one time that I dented one of the bars that is under the rear of my seat. I'm not sure how it didn't go over (and then down the 8 foot rocky ledge I was teetering on).

More scenery, cliffs and ledges everywhere.

and more scenery with really cool rock surfaces

I wanted to watch some huge rocks crash down, but settled for a drive by instead. The rocks that did fall at other times would send shards out for hundreds of feet, it all seemed so amazing to just drive around and see it all.

even more scenery

spires (also landmarks

We had a great time, ran a total of 8 trails and never got lost. We made sure to bring plenty of water and enough food/snacks for 2 days. One important thing we packed on the ATV's each day were shoes. If you have never walked a distance in motorcycle riding boots, then you don't know misery. There wasn't water to be seen on the trails, but since it's spring we knew all we had to do was dig down in the sand and it would make a puddle, but obviously water is a big resource you have to bring or you would be in real trouble.

The weather was cool in the morning and 70 or so in the afternoon. Sort of like the week we are supposed to have now that we are at home.


  1. I envy you that experience. Al that space, and very few people.

    1. You have that each day, but it was a lot of fun. Middle of nowhere with just each other, surrounded by pretty amazing scenery.
      We on 2 of the 3 days we went several hours without seeing anyone. The older I get, the more I enjoy the time with just us, and even to myself (I seem to get more done).