Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A years worth of posts and running with a purse

I've officially done enough posts that I can read one a day for an entire year. Starting in August 2014, we enjoy going back and reading things and finding out if we have moved forward in life or just sat there spinning our wheels.
So far so good.

Yesterday, with the amazing 70 degree weather I went for a run that ended up turning into a big adventure. As I was running on the edge of a cliff I noticed a lot of trash and something that looked like an ID card... and something that looked like a checkbook.
Being the curious guy I stopped and looked around and didn't find a body so I went over the edge just to be sure there wasn't a body (or a large stash of gold coins). I gathered up all of the stuff, including a large ladies wallet and double checked there wasn't a body.
After crawling back up to the trail, starting a small rock slide and getting nailed with more than one cactus, I packed up the wallet and continued on home. Running with something in my hand irritates me, a lot. It's not just unbalanced and odd, it adds weight. If the object weights 2 pounds, that's 2 pounds of added weight to EACH step and at 2 steps per second over 40 more minutes... I wasn't thrilled but stuck with it.

Once I arrived home I looked it over, everything from California and the address listed on the license didn't have a phone number. I had credit cards, social security card, grandsons photo's, CNA/RN cards, account numbers, bank passwords and usernames, checkbook, etc. Nothing however had a phone number.
I called Chase bank, asked for someone in the US and explained I wanted to give them the customers name and account numbers, and have them call the contact number listed on the computer screen so the customer could call me and get the items returned. That's against policy, for security purposes.... even though I could have logged in and done it myself with all of the information I had in front of me.

I looked over everything again and found a small slip of paper I had missed, that had an address on it and it said new address next to it. No phone number for that address, of course, nobody has a home phone. I decided to continue with my idea of returning the property and 30 minutes later I was at a brand new home in a horrible subdivision full of large homes with no property. The garage door was open and nobody noticed me pull into the driveway. The doorbell was broken (new house, of course) so I banged on the front door and finally someone opened it.
It was unlocked and although the guy didn't know me, he opened right up. This was the son in-law of the lady who had her window busted out and her purse stolen the day before. He was in shock that I had not only found it (apparently the police looked around the area for it, took fingerprints, did a report, etc.) and that I somehow knew where he lived. He was really happy and even said he would be sure to tell his mother in-law not to carry passwords, social security cards, etc. I told him it wasn't a master criminal who did it, it's usually just kids and that's why they tossed everything and took whatever cash there might have been.

I hope I restored the lady's faith, even if just a little. She is 71 years old, just moved here and simply wanted to go for a hike.
That's funny, I just wanted to go for a run without holding a bright red leather purse.


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    1. Thanks! Anytime I can try to restore a little faith (in anything), it's always worth the effort.

  2. I'm glad you did not' find a stiff down there.

  3. Well done. I'm sure that enough points for the Karma train to bring something good your way.