Monday, July 29, 2013

Tactical training and weekly update

Sometimes it seems like a chore to break away and make a post. Getting to work early on a Monday seems to work well, so here we go.
Our group scheduled some training together this weekend, hopefully everyone learned some things. I learned some new stuff and got a great refresher on everything else. The course covered the following (and more):

Survival mindset
Recognizing a threat

Threat mediation & de-escalation
Immediate action response to a close-quarters threat/assault both armed and unarmed

Response to threat(s) occurring in a residence, public setting, or place of employment
entification and use of cover, tactical movements
Basic strikes and joint locking techniques
Weapon retention and retrieval
Engaging and armed or un-armed threat after experiencing disorientation

Honestly I would take a class like this every weekend if I could find one locally. One of our members, and a good friend of mine, is associated with the training organization so the course was free and super informative. I realized I need to get a plastic knife and pistol so we can practice things at home. I haven't taken Aikido in a long time but it instantly came back to me on blocking techniques, momentum changing, wrist control, etc.

The instructor didn't like that I was a 9mm fan, otherwise we got along great. We had 14 people at the training but I was very surprised when only 3 of us raised our hands when asked who had a concealed carry. I was actually disappointed, I don't know what it will take for some people to just do it, take the time for the class and get the permit. There are all kinds of things you can use as a weapon but you can't give 2 to the chest with your car keys. Much of the classroom portion was a reminder that you don't want to be the person going thru life like a zombie.

Preparedness is in full swing at the home, we both felt that we hadn't done much for a couple of months so we shifted into high gear. Truthfully we have done a ton of stuff but often forget that weapons practice, physical fitness, reading, cooking, etc. are all forms of preparedness. It's what we do everyday so it seems mundane.

Food storage goodness on a rainy Sunday evening! We used chocolate chips that I vac sealed over 3 years ago.
 Canning squash and zucchini, mainly trying to keep  up with garden production so we don't have to give anything away just yet.
 9mm in the house! Replaced what we shot and added 500 more.
 The garden is soaking up the rain, and the grass needs to be mowed before it overtakes the world.
 Rounds down range.


  1. The class sounds good. Re: what people think they're going to use instead of a gun ... I have no idea. "Armed to the teeth with a cell phone" really doesn't cut it.

    1. You might bust some teeth or hit a nerve cluster, but honestly a cell phone usually won't stop a perp.
      I've even decided to get a bodyguard or LCP for the gym, it's about my only vulnerable time.