Thursday, July 11, 2013


Being on time is late, 10-15 minutes early is on time. On time is late, late is never acceptable.

Then again when no one in your life or circle of friends thinks that way... well it can drive you nuts. I've decided to start going to the gym by myself, if someone is there and wants help I'm all for it but I've been stood up twice this week.That's 2 times I just waited around to help other people, and one of those times was my second gym visit of the evening. It's just going to be easier and nicer to work out in the afternoon instead of late evening.

I am up to doing 100 pound dumbbells on the flat bench press and 85's on the incline. I am not doing anymore traditional bench pressing, my shoulder doesn't appreciate it. I think the dumbbells are a better workout, but you can't just toss around the same kind of weight with them. It's fun grabbing the 100's and doing sets and reps, that's a lot of weight and it makes me feel awesome. I hit a new high on squats Monday, my body armor still fits and I'm healthy and strong.

The camper is all loaded up and were heading out of town tomorrow. We are camping out in the area we want to purchase some land, so we have a couple of days to drive around and see it all. This will include the obligatory drive up a random mountain. It's almost mid July so we are about 8 months away from the possible purchase. We have never been in that area in the winter and it's important to see what that season is like, for that area.

My squash, zucchini, cucumbers and peas are all flowering. I'm getting really excited to start canning my fresh veggies again. I'm hoping to add a month worth of dinners to the food storage, all via meat and veggie canning. Adding some more jams/jellies won't hurt either, I'm a PB&J kind of guy.

Hell, that should be a t-shirt.

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