Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden and group update.

I know several people who are already harvesting garden veggies like zucchini, squash and tomatoes. What am I harvesting.... lettuce and chives.
This is the first year I went 100% heirloom and it seems to be growing a lot slower than I'm used to. I suppose using seeds are aren't modified is just a lesson in patience. We do have about 30 green tomatoes and a lot more flowers, so that's good news... soon. Everything looks great, even the corn is growing strong minus a few little stalks. I know in a few weeks we will be overrun with veggies, for now tomato sandwiches require a grocery store.

Here is a picture of some baby Robins that are hanging out with us this year. The picked a better location for the nest, it's well protected from everything including the dogs. It's a crappy cell phone picture, the house was already locked and armed when I thought about it this morning.

We had our monthly meeting last night and talked about lessons learned from wildfire evacuations. You never have as much time as you think, make a list of things you want based on the amount of time you have: Prioritize. Copies of important documents scanned onto flash drives along with pictures of your house and rooms. Running around last minute getting photo's and video is a good idea but when you are short on time you don't need to be messing around. Flash drives in your 72 hour bag means you grab it each time you pick up that bag and head out.

The group scheduled some range time later this month so we can keep our skills sharp. I'll hit the range myself next weekend and get my new EOTech dialed in. I lined it up on my laser bore sight, but I want it set for a little farther distances. The group also has some tactical home training at the end of the month, one of the group members is involved in a company that trains LEO. We talked about close quarters combat, clearing your house, responding to a break in, etc. No ambushes or fire team training, just some good knowledge that will help the kids, wives, everyone that shows up for something that can easily happen. Home invasions happen, a lot.

Red Dawn, civil unrest, financial collapse, zombie apoc... all of this stuff is great to prepare for but if you don't plan for the most logical scenario, you won't be prepared for anything. Most of the group falls under the wildfire category of shtf. What good is years of food storage and supplies if you don't know how to get out of your neighborhood if there is a fire. Plan, practice, set rally points, etc.


  1. Good advice. In this area, earthquakes are a constant threat. Wildfires, possible but not as much as in the wide open spaces to the north.

    1. I would prefer earthquakes, I imagine they are easier to prep for than fires.