Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Range time and gardening

As with all skills, practice makes perfect or at least lets you hit what you are aiming at. I went to the range on Sunday with a couple of guys I know, newbies to the world of shooting. I got less trigger time than anticipated, I was keeping a good eye on them to make sure there weren't any accidents. They both loved my carbine and the new EoTech is dialed in. It's a suppression weapon and some targets got all kinds of suppressed.
We only got yelled at 3 times by the range safety officers, so it was a good day. One guy gives a safety brief when we show up, another guy doesn't see it and chews us out for not getting a safety brief. the same guy yelled about something else unnecessary and then got all in my face about me having a concealed carry on the range, it's not allowed and he should throw me out. He felt like a fool when I pulled up my shirt and it was an empty holster.
I'm a nice guy, I don't understand why people single me out when the people around me are doing very unsafe things. Leave me alone.

Thursday is range time (a different range) with the group, I'll be able to practice anything I want, and get some small team tactics in. Saturday will be home defense tactics for the group, dealing with break ins and home invasion type stuff, mainly directed to the ladies in the group since they are usually home with kids. I also need to buy some ammo to replace what we shot/will be shooting. Down 500 rounds of 9mm and .223 but our supply is still really high and prices are ok.

Here are some pictures of the garden, it was looking grand this morning.
 The beans are flowering and a few baby beans have showed up. I'm hoping we will get enough to can this year.
Tomatoes, we are up to about 80 greens, I've already got a candidate to can all the ones we don't use.
 Yellow squash will start being canned this weekend, there are about 10 that will be ready for picking Friday evening.
 Cucumbers are starting to vine out nicely, I'm training them up the fence. Bad news is the dogs like to eat them, so I'll see how that goes once they pop.
 Zucchini in the foreground, squash in the back.
Patience, not my best attribute, but it's finally garden veggie time. I cooked up some burger with spices and mixed it in. This was my high protein and carbohydrates, very low fat after workout meal. 6 days a week at the gym is giving me great strength gains, I can't wait to see what another month or so will bring.

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