Friday, July 5, 2013

Book review, Traveler

I like to read and yesterday while lounging around enjoying the best country in the world, I randomly selected this book:
Yes, I graciously borrowed that image from Amazon. I order about 10 books from them every 60 days, so like 65% of the country I feel entitled and am using something that's not mine.

The first book I read by Wilson was called Joshua, and it was a great read. This book had the promise to be the same. If you plan on reading it, I won't spoil much of anything.
Set in post-apoc, during the same time as Joshua, but dealing with entirely new characters. There isn't any need to sugar coat post-apoc life, and this book nailed it pretty well. A teen falls in with a group of people doing whatever it takes to survive a full 3 years after whatever event happened.

I thought the book was great, all the usual post-apoc stuff including moral struggles... and then I felt like the end of the book was written by Rawles. It's prefectly fine to have moral struggles, think about the things you learned in church, pray, hope and wonder, etc.
Nothing wrong with that at all, but just like the last Rawles book I read, suddenly someone is saved by a large Christian group and everything will work out, it's Gods plan even if you get tossed out of the community for something you really didn't do after getting corporal punishment... hey, it's ok, it's Gods plan... just like those couple hundred stitches.

I still enjoyed the book, and the ending actually was a surprise and reminded me of a lesson I learned long ago: The people around you that you consider friends can turn on you in a heartbeat based on mob mentality cause by a select few vocal people.

That lesson almost sent me to prison, I won't ever forget it. A few close trusted friends, everyone else = acquaintance.

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