Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just some rambling brain tidbits

I listen to all kinds of music, yesterday I wanted some old school classic hip-hop. I was on the way to the gym and needed a little more motivation and "pump-up'd'ness. Instead I got someone talking about the Zimmerman trial. Hey, XM radio I didn't get you for your talk...
"If a jury couldn't place any value on Travon martin's life, what kind of value would they place on my son, or myself."

We place value on so much let's riot, stop traffic, get arrested and steal shit.... Social media is all abuzz with trial stuff, juror stuff, comparisons to other crimes that no one ever heard about, etc. Nothing will happen, people won't organize, communicate, work together, unify. Woe is me.

Rained almost all day yesterday, I'd say 19 hours out of 24 had moisture pouring into the earth. The sun is out today and when I left for work the garden plants were smiling and you could almost see them grow a little taller. Not having anything but green tomatoes in the garden was a reminder to have good food storage while you are waiting for thins to grow (did I ever tell you I'm not patient). A garden is a supplement, you might get zero production, you might have horrible weather, you might just suck at gardening. A hunter-gatherer survival scenario wouldn't be fun at all if you didn't have food storage backup.

There I am, lower left in the white shirt. I was small, when I joined the Army I only weighed 110 pounds. That was up from my junior year weight of 90 pounds. When I joined the civilian life I did what many prior service people do, I became sedentary. 38 inch waist pants were tight, XXL shirts were the norm and I guess I just felt normal. Times change.

I haven't seen my old personal trainer since sometime in February but we hung out last night with some of her friends. She was shocked at how much muscle I've put on in 5 months. I haven't always worked out or been fit, but when I focus on something I do give it 100%. Mentally I'm a little sad that I'm not running much, but I'm spending 90 minutes at the gym 5 times a week and that's enough time for fitness besides some hikes. I don't care about getting big, or wanting to get stronger, I want to be strength.

Ryan sums up fitness in a post today: Get Started. I've been working out, non ultra running working out, since the end of September. I've been doing mainly strength and weight training since January. I've stuck to it and the 2 people I have been trying to work out with have either stopped going to the gym, or going so sporadically that they might as well not go. Whatever you do, START and keep at it.

I have to work this weekend, another one shot down. I will be getting the largest paycheck of my life at the end of the week. I'll work weekends if they keep paying me well. I hope everyone else is doing great financially, I've seen a lot of statistics but don't know how it relates to the real world. The way business is going and how things are with everyone I know, it seems like things are going ok. We aren't rich but we are happy and healthy and the bills get paid.
Now I just need garden tomatoes.


  1. Things are very, very tough out there for a lot of people, and you are fortunate to have a good job. I'm sorry you wind up working on weekends, though. I put in 20 years at a job with that kind of thing, and looking back I wish I had focused less on the job and more on getting something out of life besides money. Still, it's hard to find a happy medium,and at least you have the option. A lot of people whose blogs I read are in dire straits right now.

    1. I hope I didn't come across as complaining, I do love my job and the weekend things are just annoying sometimes. 7 months out of the year I work almost every weekend, the other 5 months I more than make up for it.