Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The mountains of home

Here is a picture I took this morning. The snow is melting fast, tomorrow I'll put a new picture up from on the way home and I'll be it's almost all gone. It was much needed moisture, now it gets to melt into the soil and make the tree's smile.
Using the magic of paint and my mad computer skills, I added an arrow showing the general vicinity of where we live. You can't get much more on the edge of town unless you have a ton of money, or are actually out of town by miles.

The mountain to the left of the arrow is Cheyenne mountain, home of NORAD. The mountain behind the arrow is Mount Baldy, the stuff to the right I have no idea what it's called but that's where I trail run. Out the door and 1/4 mile later I have 100+ miles of trails and dirt roads.
This area has a lot of water sources, 2 water reservoirs (spring fed) and 3 creek's, all within .75 miles of the front door. Back in the hills there are a lot more creeks and reservoirs.

Later, at the home, I took these:
Pitbat? Gremlin?
Luke crossed his path and snow playing ensued. Even with a bear bell, Luke still gets startled, but for being blind he is a trooper. He gets disoriented and I have to rescue him from some bush or corner of the yard once a day, especially when he gets excited or thinks it's food time. He gets SO happy when I come out and help him, the tail wags like a blur and I set him on the path to the door.

The gym was kind to me last night and I actually had a spotter for chest night. I was able to hit a new record on bench, a month ahead of schedule, so now I need to set a new goal. But it's still awesome to hit them.


  1. Great pictures. What's it like having NORAD for a neighbor? Dogs sure do bring out the humanity in me. Watching two dogs play if a gift.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. It's a good neighbor, several miles away and quiet.

      The downside is it's still ground zero for nukes, but otherwise it's just antenna arrays on the mountain top. I've been inside, it's ancient, they don't even use it for space command anymore.