Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick people should stay home

Like I am doing.

The tile in the kitchen is done, replacing what was pulled up to make room for the bigger cabinets. I've never tiled before but it went smooth and I had someone here helping to make sure I got it right on my first effort.
That person wasn't feeling well and today I'm home with the *whatever it's being called*. The counter top is being produced, hopefully installed in about 15 days from now. The sink arrived so it's slowly coming together but not fast enough for me.
It's only 6 degrees so I'm not missing any outdoors activity. The weather is going to turn warm once again on Wednesday, just in time for me to be back to normal.

I've read 4 books in the last few days (lights out, collision course, books 1 and 2 of the 299 days series) and I'm bored out of my mind, reminding myself to drink a lot of water. I'll be back to work tomorrow just in time to plan a trip to Orlando for a convention next month.

I've been torn between getting more supplies but I really need to wait until the kitchen is done so I can organize it. Having your kitchen spread out in the dining room and basement does get in the way of doing just about anything. I started listing out things I need to get once everything is organized and back to normal inside the house:
black beans
kidney bean
powdered milk
macaroni noodles
spaghetti noodles
150 lbs dog food
100 gallons water

I'm going to the store in a bit to restock my cough drops, I'll be using them for the next week. I'm glad I only had one day of sore throat, most people aren't so lucky. I'm also super thankful I have supplies to raid, needing some cough syrup at 4am meant I didn't need to drive anywhere. Just another reminder to stock up on things and stay in good shape.


  1. Take care Max. Feel better soon.
    I have been so lucky, I have dodged the crap that is going around here. I am knocking on wood as I comment to keep the bugs at bay. I am keeping up on my herbals, and elderberry syrup, the only thing I am putting up with is sinus headaches and stuffy nose and thats from the dry air and dirt in the air.
    Just work at the kitchen as you can, its hard when you don't feel good and your trying to do something and you can do something major wrong if you just aren't at your best game plan.

  2. Still can't talk but at least I don't have the flu. The cough syrup bottle says more than 4 doses in 24 hours can result in severe liver damage....