Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chemical high, yes please....

Whatever chemical they used in the kitchen yesterday to install the quartz... I hope to never smell it again. I figured it couldn't be too bad, they didn't use gloves or masks, so I didn't give it much thought and was in my office upstairs when I had the urge to vomit.
Light, noise, smell... I was sensitive to it all and just crawled under the covers trying not to throw up. About 2am I finally recovered and now I understand why people get addicted to the high... the low is something nobody appreciates. I didn't appreciate either but now all we need to do is the plumbing, some copper this evening and the sink/dishwasher stuff in the morning.
I shall have a kitchen this weekend!
It's almost done. window trim, junction box, pendant lights, painting and moving the breaker box. It will be functional at least.

I woke up to this, it's nice that Rock is starting to help Luke out as a guide dog, dogs are better than most people and faster learners.

In my high yesterday I never got a chance to do anything with my new toy I got in the AM. I picked up 2 more pmags, I don't want to pass on a good deal just in case. I've waited 12 days for my background to finally clear, the backlog is silly but worth it when you want something.
I'll change out the grip and eventually get more magazines. I have 3 on back order with no ETA, maybe I'll try and trade some pmags for a couple. Anyone up for that? 3 pmags (gen 3, no window) for 2 XDm 9mm 19 round magazines? Let me know.


  1. That kitchen's looking good, and I can imagine how anxious you are to have it functional again.

    Nice toy there, too; looking forward to your first AAR.

    1. New range opened up at Fort Carson, might try and hit it on Sunday, shouldn't be too busy since no one has ammo to spare.

  2. Kitchen looks awesome Max. I am sorry about the "high" though.
    That is something I could never figure out. The druggy's do that around here, barf all over the place outside after a night on the town snorting, and then turn around and do it again, and say "that was fun".
    When someone explains that to me, I'll try to get it.
    Have "fun" in your sparkly new kitchen. Make something awesome in it.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I still feel like I need to vomit, I don't understand it either!
      Can't wait to get some bread made and maybe some brownies too!

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon. I don't like construction adhesives much myself. Gives me asthma.