Saturday, January 5, 2013

The great panic is full swing

I debated going to the gun show, I didn't need anything and didn't want anything. I'm sure there is always something to find that I would like but I decided to stay home. My friends sent a text early this morning and I met them at the gun show.
We were there 5 minutes after it opened up and exp ected to stand in line for a few minutes. Instead we got back in the cars and went to Costco. The parking lot was fuller that it has ever been, the line was 1/4 mile long, vehicles were circling like vultures. Costco was empty so we pushed out carts around tossing in stuff. I picked up a bunch of canned goods that I was low on, or had loaded the new pantry cabinets up with. I grabbed some eneloop batteries with a charger, and some other paper products that were on sale.

On the way home I drove by the gun show, foolishly thinking the line would be gone. The line was double in length, parking was overflowed about 1/2 mile away, people were still swarming with a anxious/panicked look on their faces. This is worse than 2008, a lot of people really missed the opportunity and are seriously panicked. Even if no legislation is passed (fat chance), it won't settle down for 6+ months. My magic 8 ball told me so.

Closer to home I admired why the road construction crew was in the road for the last 3 days.
The construction was to install the curve arrow signs. What... seriously... what you see in that picrure is the ENTIRE curve. I'm so tired of government wasteful spending. There were no accidents there, no issues, no skid marks... NOTHING for all the years we have lived here. This stupid spending was as bad as replacing ALL the road and attraction signs with larger ones. I would be pissed off bout this all, but it's what we have all come to expect and CANT do anything about. Letters, calls, votes... doesn't matter. The money might have been from the state or fed... but that's still my money going into the shitter again. Do you see anything dangerous about this corner?

My mood was brighter when I met the UPS truck outside the fence, perfect timing.
 Finally, part of my order showed up that I places weeks ago. I could sell these for $45-$80 each. The cost me $12.
Lucky gunner has these cases of 1,000 for $725, I picked them up for less than $500 each. I could sell each box for $1000 if I was patient.
Don't think I'm not pondering going to t he gun show tomorrow to sell in the parking lot. The problem is if I do sell, it's hard or more expensive to replace.

I also tested out my load out to see how if I liked my new rifle/pistol magazine pouch combination.
Turns out I don't like it. Even strapped down, the pistol mag ends stick out enough to catch on my arm or sleeve. The edges are a little sharp and pointy and I don't want anything getting in the way or causing a hang up. It's also a little thick so I need to swap it out for another 45 degree triple pouch (like the one above it). I really like the 45 degree system, it's a lot more natural of a pull that the standard vertical design.

To top off my awesome day I need to go pick up frozen dog poop. What could be better?


  1. I'm still waiting for the frozen dog poo to unfreeze. "^{ Maybe tomorrow if it gets just a little warmer.
    I am not sure Max what the hell is going on, all I know is it isn't good at all. My opinion.
    I don't see a damn thing wrong about the curve...I've seen worse curves and no signs at all. When you figure out the gov fill me in please...I currently have a blank deer-in-the-headlight stare now as it is.
    Try to have a great weekend.

  2. Oddly, UPS is bringing similar packages to my home. It seems to have begun about the time folks began omitting "constitutional" from "constitutional republic".

    1. I'm just glad that anything I'm getting now is normal priced and really only icing on the cake.
      I wouldn't want to be starting from zero this year.