Friday, January 18, 2013

150 cough drops later

I suppose it can always be worse, but sometimes I think getting the flu for a couple of days would be better than a sore throat for 7. I wasn't feeling bad, just couldn't talk or breathe deep. Today I'm about 70% back to normal, I'll be able to order lunch without using pen and paper. I'm also down 2 bottles of cough syrup. A man has to sleep somehow.

My pay stub had my 2011 tax paperwork stapled to it. I'm fortunate and blessed with many things, including a great job that I love. The downside is seeing how much tax goes out, and having to pay a little more when April rolls around. I know how fortunate we are but it's still crappy when our household pays out over $70,000 in total taxes each year. I wish they would just let us put this money directly into the economy so it's not wasted building a well for some afghan warlord. Not complaining, just wish we had a say in how the money is spent.

The week has been good in other areas: I hit a new max for bench and dead lifts, another 30 days and I'll be able to hit my goals easily. I haven't had anyone to spot me on squats so I'm not sure how that will play out. After all these years of running it's nice to be big and muscular again and still be able to run well. I'm hopeful to hit the trails this weekend in some mid 50's weather and see how my strength training has changed my running. I'm hopeful it's going to be a big improvement, my core is at least 60% stronger than mid September, and my legs are probably 40% improved.

The counter top will be installed on Wednesday, 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I'm looking forward to a full kitchen, back to normal, for next weekend. I'll celebrate and make some bread and other yummies.

I had 2 pmags show up in the mail, an order I placed was partially filled, better than nothing. A coworker just picked up a couple of pistols and can't find any ammo locally. I suggested he just buy some .40 in bulk but he doesn't want to spend the money. At least he can use them as clubs.
There have been a lot of home invasions and break ins, a young couple was killed when they walked into their home on Monday and interrupted a burglary. The suspect is 17 and hopefully will get the death penalty once they catch him. A young soldier, his wife and unborn baby... all for what, a tv, some crack money....? The grocery store the in-laws like got robbed yesterday morning, someone looking for pain killers.

I know it won't get better, the pacification and reliance of the Government in America is in full swing. The good news is people are arming themselves, I'm still waiting for my background check to clear from Saturday.

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