Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday blows on in

From the 50's to the negatives, those are the grand temperature swings this week. Today the wind roared into town, not so much in the canyon but everywhere else it was cutting in like a knife. It's only going to get worse this weekend and the cold brings no snow. Pikes Peak doesn't have much snow on it at all, it's pretty sad looking.

As far as looks go, I'm building a head halo for Luke so he won't run into things and I can take him on walks. We took him out on Sunday and he ran head first into the rim on the car, so I am going to make a head halo out of (not sure). I ordered in a vest for him, and in the spirit of things it's a top of the line working dog vest. We didn't spring for dog body armor but I wanted something with Molle loops so I can rivet straps onto the halo material and then strap it on the vest.
Here he is, being a gracious model:

I need to tighten the straps up some and shorten the front but otherwise I'm happy with it. I love the 2 grab handles on the top, makes it easier to lift him in and out of the vehicles. The leash points are metal and well as the buckles. I picked it up from Elitek9 and as with all quality things that are good in life, it wasn't cheap. It doesn't bother him (yet) and once I get the halo made this weekend he will enjoy running into things with something other than his face.

Here is another picture I took at Sportsmans Warehouese.
I don't wait in lines and was looking for a spousal unit birthday gift. I decided to hit the big gun store and it looked like last time, empty of most of the good stuff. I walked by the AR section and the guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted 2 pmags, last 2 out of the 8 he just got in this morning. I love stumbling onto deals like this. They were $20 each instead of the usual $14 but I wasn't going to argue. Someone at work offered me $60 each but I declined. I don't think they will become less valuable anytime soon.

A friend of mine just retired from the sheriffs office in a neighboring state. He is all moved in across town and stopped by to say he will be working with me starting in March. He did tell me that the DHS has been tossing money at his department and training everyone up. In case there is some kind of disaster they want everyone trained so they can help escort civilians to one of 2 locations. 2 million people herded into 2 locations by highly trained and equipped law enforcement. He said the money literally just pours in.

There is a gun show again this weekend. While everyone is there I'm going to the gun store and buying a new pistol and maybe a 9mm AR pistol if they still have it in stock in the morning. If not that's ok too, wants and not needs.


  1. Can you elaborate a little more about what your friend said ?

    1. All the LE have been trained that in the event something happens (dirty bomb was the last scenario), there are 2 specific spots that all the people will be moved to for safety.

      When we told him it sounded like a FEMA camp the conversation was interrupted by other people at work. He said all it would take to shut down the entire area would be a smoke grenade on the back of a tanker hauling NBC waste.

      They have all the latest gear, including vehicles for breaching walls (think of a tank on wheels with the cannon being just a big bettering ram). They painted a smiley face on the end of the ram. I've seen these before and i remember an entire wall of a house being destroyed once the ram went in and they turned the vehicle. I'm sure most metro LE's have similar.

      We are hoping to have dinner with them soon and I'll work on getting more info, but it didn't surprise me in the least. I tried to type it exactly like he said it, same words as well

  2. That is NOT going to end well. Keep on keepin' on!

    1. I shall be hopeful. We will all look back and laugh about 5.56 being $1.20 a bullet. Or good bread at $5 a loaf 9and a small loaf at that).

      My lucky charms were on sale at least. That's why I'm so cheerful this morning. They are f-n magically delicious!