Saturday, December 15, 2012

More armor? Yes!

Normally I'm never in the right place, or more often than not I'm in the wrong place. A coworker friend mentioned he had a friend who wanted to sell some body armor but didn't want to list it on craigslist, did I have any suggestions. The young man was fresh out of the Army and in need of some cash.

I am now the owner of the 2 items above. The top one is a multi cam Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV). The lower one is a digital camo Interceptor. Both have throat protectors and all of the soft armor. There were enough ceramic plates for 1 vest including side protection. The IOTV had the lower back and groin protection as well, neither had deltoid armor.

Prices on this stuff are down right now but I'm comfortable with saying I have about $1500+ worth of stuff in the package. The IOTV is brand new, the plates were all inspected and passed in 05/2011.
Considering I just paid $500 for a basic armor carrier and 4 soft armor inserts, I'm happy at paying $600 for this, it's a much better protective package.

Maybe it's just the holidays but Sportsmans Warehouse was down to about 10 AR type (evil black) rifles this afternoon. Most of the ones left were the $1500+ kind, all the talk of new gun control measures (on top of the election) is making people whip out some plastic. I picked up a p-mag for my .308,  hopefully it will work fine and I can reduce some weight by using those instead of the metal ones.

My doc told me I tore some cartilage and it's going to take a while to heal. but otherwise I'm gtg... don't do anything that hurts and get lots of rest. Good advice for someone else, I'm too busy working hard at the gym to relax. Last night my trainer had me use the pool so there wasn't a lot of impact, but she teaches Olympic athletes so it was very hard. I actually thought I was going to drown a few times, funny how your body needs all of that air all the damn time.

My dog Luke is almost completely blind. I'm adding night lights all over, leaving lights on, making sure nothing is in the normal paths around the house. It's a challenge in patience but we will take care of him. I told him I'm sad he can't see the sunsets and mountains anymore but I will describe them to him. I'll probably cry when I do it, each time, but he has been a great friend to me and I wont let him down. This is just the standard cycle of dog's for us, it's never easy even when they are healthy.


  1. When I tear cartilage, I have surgery. It will heal in time, but it will not heal right. Don't try to be brave or macho. Protect yourself with surgery. It will improve your future condition.

    1. Thanks but I'm going to let it heal on it's own. There are a few things I'm limited on but I hate surgery of any kind. I also can't be laid up recovering or taking it easy when I have to reassemble the kitchen this weekend.