Monday, December 31, 2012

Kitchen, food storage and the great panic

We ordered the counter top yesterday. Smokey quartz, a great darker color that will bring out the wood grain in the cabinets as well as the rust look we have in the pendant lights and knobs (to be installed soon). The top will take about 3 weeks to be produced and then installed. We will wait for that to be finished and then we can trim in the windows and pick out a paint color.

Right above my new awesome stove is a breaker box. Once the kitchen is completely done this will be moved. It means busting out some drywall, but it requires a permit so we will just deal with it. I'll cut the drywall out nice so I can replace it really easy. This will also prevent some breakers from tripping when we run a lot of things in the house at once. The breakers will go in the basement and an on/off switch will be placed outside the house (right behind where the box currently sits). We have all the wire pulled in the basement for it, the electrician staged it to save some labor for us. Once the box is moved I think I'll hang some stainless rods in that space (for large serving utensils on hooks) and a couple of knife magnets.

The new cabinets next to the fridge are over twice as deep as the old ones. I spent a few hours bringing food storage supplies upstairs to fill them up. I have a couple more hours of work on this small project, I'm amazed how much stuff I can hold in the cabinets now. I also spent time writing down things I need to restock on to replace what we've used and what I'm pulling upstairs. BBQ sauce, mayo, syrup, pickles, canned chicken, deodorant, shampoo, hair gel, chocolate syrup, peas, corn, green beans, soup, neosporin, soap bars, etc. I'm predicting a Costco trip this weekend.

The state of 'the great panic' locally is like this:
2500 people are currently in the waiting list for background checks.
Concealed carry and firearms classes are booked out for a few months.
The large gun show in Denver had a line of about 150 people waiting to get in for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday (I'm glad I didn't drive up north for it).
Sportsmans Warehouse had about 5 pistols on display, and of course zero 'assault weapons' and 40% of the normal rifles on display.
The only handgun/rifle ammo you can get locally is .45, .38, .10 and some odd calibers. Anything else is pure luck based on restocking. We found 10 boxes of 9mm hollow points and picked up 4, the rest were gone in a few second (not that we stalked the guy who was restocking or anything).
The only magazine we found was for a buckmark.
Colorado is working to pass restrictions so you can't order ammo via the internet (this is all based on the Aurora theater shooting, but we all know this ammo could have been purchased locally without any problem, at the time).

The order from Brownells for pmags is being prepared for shipping. I wasn't optimistic at all but it just took a few weeks. Once they show up I might trade some out for a few AK mags that I could use. I could trade for some ammo or cash.

My Banshee plate carrier finally showed up and as I was expecting it's way too small for me. It fits the other half just perfectly so we ordered some rifle plates (front, back and sides). It seems I've spent a small fortune lately on armor and ammo, but if I tried the same today it would cost 8x as much IF we could even find it available. These purchases weren't panic driven but they all happened close together.

Luke dog is completely blind now, it was super fast going from bad to complete. Nothing can be done but continue to be patient and understanding. This morning at 4 after I let him out I had to walk out in the yard and rescue him from the fence, he couldn't figure out where the house was. Lucky I was hot like usual so I didn't mind being outside in the 12 degree weather in my boxers... it was the snow on my bare feet that wasn't fun.


  1. Well, as usual the government make plans for something to happen and the opposite occurs. They claim they are worried about the nutty buddies getting a hold of these weapons. They have only insured that now, more nutty people can get one along with everyone else out there.

    Sorry to hear about Luke. Like you mentioned, patience and understanding is the key. You're a good man, Max.

    1. The good news is he is a big dog and when he head butts something he just shakes it off like a champ. I'm thinking about placing a simple rope fence around the deck so he doesn't run into it... but the ground is frozen.

      It seems everyone around here has a firearm now. Not that it really concerns me, but I think more people are in a heightened state of 'can't wait to shoot a bad guy'. We are trying to be as gray as possible.

  2. PC's are really a 1 sized item. Big 6'4" 240lbs type dudes wear them in theater.

    The only way I know to get something bigger is to order larger plates and go with a full armor set like an IBA or an IOTV. Expect to spend 1k without plates (they do have soft armor inside) though occasionally deals pop up on surplus stuff.

    1. I have an IOTV with all the plates and an Interceptor without plates that I picked up for $600. This was right after I ordered the Banshee.

      The banshee is light enough to keep on the back of the bedroom door, the IOTV might bend the hinges (especially with the full load molle'd on).