Friday, December 7, 2012

6 Hours of kitchen work

I never realized I could pop a front rib out of place from bench pressing, but guess what I did...

It's like having a broken rib, it's hurts all the time but you have to breathe still. If SHTF I would have to continue on and just suck up the pain, so I did just that. We spent a total of 6 hours in the kitchen yesterday, here are the results so far:
 You can see the baseboard heater behind the shop vac. The copper is routed in the cabinets, behind the stove and under the sink. We decided to move the heater entirely, this will give us another 3 feet of cabinet space and help heat the kitchen better. Since there is a crawlspace under that end of the floor, it's almost all wasted heat and I loathe heaters directly under windows. I don't understand the thinking of your heat going out the glass. When we redid the heating system 16 years ago we couldn't afford to change anything and had to use the original steam radiator holes to save money. This is why there isn't heat upstairs.
The original house sink drained right into the sewage line grease trap (that was located outside the window). You can see the large drain pipe that is still there for no reason. Once the sink is out tonight I'm going to saws-all the shit out of everything, hopefully by tomorrow morning everything will be out.
We put a couple holes in the drywall, as expected, pulling the tile off. The hole behind the fire extinguisher was my oops, but it showed me there isn't any insulation in the wall right there. WHAT! Yes, no insulation where the 2 additions meet, that will be fixed with some pink roll type once I cut the drywall out. I also discovered there isn't a turn off for the kitchen sink water, only the main line off and on lever. That will be fixed along with removing the final few feet of galvanized pipe (I think that's what it's made of).

So far we have an extra days worth of work, but so far it's not frustrating us. It does suck living out of boxes, not knowing where the spoons are, debating pouring milk into the cereal box instead of trying to get a bowl at 6am. We have saved about $500 in labor.

We went to a work related party last night, I busted some moves on the dance floor (in between gasping for air over my rib pain) and I was happy my pistol didn't fly out. I was jumping around like a white guy on the dance floor and it held just fine. It's good to be armed and goofy on the dance floor! I also photo-bombed my face in about 10 random photo's, sometimes I get to act like I'm 15 again and not get in trouble for it!


  1. Sorry to hear about the rib; that can be really, really painful, so you have my sympathy. I'm glad you got a chance to have some fun, though - good for you.

    1. My chiropractor is out of town, just my luck. Kitchen is almost empty but the heavy stove is going to wait for a dolly.