Thursday, December 27, 2012

A long day of cabinets

If we didn't live in a barn I would be upset that nothing is level. Since we do live in one, I expect things to be a little wonky. From the sink to the back wall cabinet it's a 1 inch drop in the floor level. I spent a lot of time on the floor shimming and leveling and moving and shuffling. Good lord.
The dishwasher and stove showed up and we ended up having enough room to add a 12 inch cabinet on the close side (where you can't see). We didn't think we would have room for a 9 inch, so more space is always welcome. We think it's will seem smaller once it's done, the stove and the wall cabinets will stick out more than before but it's a better stove and deeper (yet narrower) cabinets.
New ammo safe photo; filled up all the new magazines I picked up yesterday, some 5.56, .38 and .22 showed up today. That's what I get for ordering right before the panic, everything was delayed. I think the rifle notches need to be taken out and shelving added. Over 17,000 rounds of ammo now and I'm still waiting for some 9mm to show up.
Raptor charging handle was a surprise Christmas gift that arrived tonight. It's really nice, ambidextrous and super smooth. I have some handle ends to swap on the other carbines but they are not this nice. I never liked the one sided operation when I was in the military so I'm glad there are options out there.
I'm exhausted and have an early meeting tomorrow, can't wait to cook this weekend and stop eating out.


  1. What an amazing transformation in the kitchen. Can't wait to see it complete. Neither can you, I'm sure!

    1. On the nose. Going to get the wall cabinets up as soon as the workday is done unless I can bribe a friend to swing by and help hold them up.
      The stove is working and I made a counter top section with my pastry board... thinking I'll cook dinner tonight.