Monday, December 17, 2012

Busiest CBI day on record

I happen to wander to both large gun stores today. I had picked up a polymer magazine for my .308 and it fit/worked great, I thought I would get a few more. I also need a blackhawk shotgun stock for our new mossberg. My mind doesn't work like most, I didn't think the stores would be empty.

Sportsmans had 3 AR type rifles (compared to the usual 45 or so), about 50% inventory on everything else. There were only a couple boxes of 9mm, zero .223, zero 5.56 (unless you wanted tracer rounds), 4 boxes of .308

The other store (Specialty sports) had a lot of bulk ammo in all calibers but .223 and 5.56. This store had over 300 pistols and rifles put aside awaiting background checks. They had about 70% of the usual inventory and that's a lot of inventory missing considering they have the largest inventory in the state. I said hello to the owners and picked up a case of .308 that I had been planning on buying to replace what I shot last month.

Colorado background office said this was the busiest day on record, black Friday being the 2nd. If you purchased something today, the pickup was Wednesday afternoon, moving into Thursday.

Panic buying has it's place, if it's stuff you need. After hearing what the POTUS had to say last night, and all of the other gun control statements on top of the election... what a fantastic time to sell guns and ammo. Sure, in a few months you could be selling tents and coolers, but take what you can get.

I ordered some more pmag's for our carbines a few days ago, now I'm wondering if they will show up. It's serious panic buying again for most people, I think anything available over the next 60 days could easily double in price. My timing on buying the ammo and mags was pre-planned and while I looked at some rifles across the counter, I never touched any. The kitchen comes first and we only have 2 hands each.

It always takes a tragedy to unite people, unfortunately. It's also unfortunate that uniting people isn't always in the best interest of the things we like to do.

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