Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kitchen remodel.

We measure tomorrow, then it's demolish time.

The new stove has been decided on and is going to be awesome, here is a link to it. With some gift cards we have been hoarding, we will end up getting it for half price. It has a downdraft as an added bonus! The dual ovens will be really handy, the small over will be used 90% of the time and will save a bit on the electric bill.
You can get the options of dehydrator and bread proofer but I like my bread to rise in a bowl, like the olden days. Some of the reviews on it make me chuckle how much people rely on some things:
'the timer needs to be louder'
'pizza setting doesn't work right'
'everything must be manually set
'have to clean the glasstop each time to keep it clean'
I have manual timers, can set a temperature and check on food, clean a stove, etc. Sometimes technology is too much of a crutch.

More exciting new is we are going to redo the cabinets, sink and counter top. I helped build my house growing up, and while I'm not making new cabinets, we are going to do everything on our own until it's time for the counter to be installed. There will be a lot of work to be done, we are hoping 2 weeks from start to counter top order. Since we have very little time in the evenings, it's going to be a little bit here and a little bit there. It will save us about $3k in labor and of course it's a nice feeling to do it yourself.

We will gain  about 4 feet (length) of cabinet space, that will be perfect for storing the mason jars and such. We contemplated a large cabinet where most of the dishes are but I prefer the deep shelves instead of opening a cabinet door when I need a plate or bowl. This and the silverware drawer are the most used so convenience over looks.

My cereal was empty this morning so I went into storage and grabbed some more. I noticed I have a lot of stuff that is expiring soon in the cereal bins. I'm not eating as much as during the summer, I don't need the massive calorie and carb load when I'm not running. I set aside what we will eat before the end of the year and dropped  14 boxes off to the Mormon neighbors. I think it was 14 anyhow, it will probably last them 2 weeks with 4 kids. I'm eating cereal that expired in July, it's fine, but I don't want things getting stale and being tosses when I can donate it to someone.

I resisted buying cereal at the grocery store tonight, it was even on sale. I picked up a couple of items for storage that were on the list and some fruits and veggies for the week.


  1. I love having two ovens in my kitchen. The oven looks wonderful. What is a Sell Pack (Baby) (see list of features on the appliance)? It took about two months to redo my kitchen - from tearing out the walls, ceiling, cabinets, new floor on up. Two weeks? With everything going on at holiday time, good luck!

    1. Ya, my new post updates my time frame perhaps. I don't mind plywood counter tops for a while, but it's the sink I need to figure out.
      My boss is going to help us do it all so the labor is free (minus take out food) and I will take a few of my endless vacation days. The demolish will be fast, drywall and texture I think will take the longest. Painting can wait until spring.

      So far no one can tell me what sell pack (baby) is. I'm not good with small children so maybe it's something to do with the streamline packaging.