Monday, May 30, 2016

The garden is finally in!

Between work and the weather it seems that a lot of our plans were put on hold. It's not always a bad thing, there has been a lot of hail that did a number on other peoples gardens and yards. I suppose procrastination/detours saved us.
For now.
This year we opted for a smaller garden and just have lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. We still have a freezer full of zucchini and squash so we don't need more of that just to give it away at work.

Rock loves the garden, it absorbs the heat and he loves to lay down in the mulch. We don't have a sprinkler system so that flower pot with dirt holds the sprinkler head from hose A. Hose B runs the sprinkler for the yard. We are trying a battery powered 'automatic' faucet control to see if we can avoid having to water (just the garden) in the morning. If it works we will try it twice a day and if all goes well, the garden water will be on auto pilot.

We managed a couple of days at the cabin this weekend. I told work that I didn't have the energy, ability or desire to do some work things this weekend. Those who needed to step up, did, but it's odd  that I couldn't get anyone to help until everyone realized I wouldn't do it. Interesting but not a surprise.

The weather on Friday was snowy and stormy with hail. Saturday was amazing, Sunday was ever better. We got some great runs, the 4 wheel drive road to an upper trailhead was finally open so I had two days of bombing down the road. I enjoy running downhill, I'm not a great runner and will take every advantage I can get. Running down a rocky road with shadows, dust, loose rock, etc. That's my game right there.

Saturday afternoon storm heading down the mountains.

Rock didn't like the thunder but we were very brave.
 We spent a lot of time in the yard, reclaiming some of it from the tree's. This year looks about twice as green so we are trimming and cutting another 25-30 feet into the tree's. We are excited to not have sticker bushes and tall weeds and make it look more like a park. The roadside area will be left alone, it helps keep the dust and noise down from the little traffic there is.
We need to get the wood put away, the brown tarp will eventually fly away like a magic carpet if we don't. The project list is getting shorter but painting is coming up in a couple of weeks followed by some electrical work and tree trimming. Chores never end!



  1. Replies
    1. We agree, it's really nice and relaxing even with all the things we do and want to get done.

  2. No, the chores never end but it's good living up there, isn't it. Just think how it will be when you retire, and all the work related anxiety and frustration goes away. I still wake up each morning and can't quit believe it.

    1. While we aren't sure if this will be a retirement location, it certainly isn't a bad choice. I really enjoy that the cell phone reception is horrible and the phone becomes an expensive alarm clock (although I have a wind up one in case the power goes out).