Friday, May 13, 2016

now who owns the water

They finally are allowing rain barrels for property owners that don't have a well. The dispute has always been that the landowners don't own the water so they aren't able to store it in barrels.

Finally the side of logic and reason has prevailed by the government (amazing, yes). They realized that rain barrels aren't the devil so now people don't have to hide them as they collect. We've never hid our barrels because we really don't care.
This is probably a real thing

There are people who are worried about rain barrels being a breeding ground for mosquitoes, I suppose they never heard of screens.

The government still owns the water, but us citizens are now allowed to temporarily store it without fear of being killed. Now the raindrops can use whatever barrel they identify with, what a grand design.


  1. Any rain that falls on my property is mine. You hear? Mine. How did we get so screwed up?

  2. Max - this is awesome news!!! get yourself as many rain barrels as you can, make a water catchment system and BINGO - yer in the game. and yes - screens work very well in regards to mosquitoes, bugs, leaves, etc.

    also - once you have your water catching system in place - i have only one word for you - BERKEY WATER FILTERS! ok that's 3 words but whatever.

    don't bother buying a berkey tower....make your own out of 2 5gallon buckets. then get 3 berkey charcoal filters. then save and get a lifetime supply of berkey filters. jambaloney has our water system set up like this - rain from the rainbarrels is put in a 5gallon bucket with 4 berkey filters in it. that 5-gallon bucket sits on top of another 5gallon bucket. our rainwater is then filtered and he fills our 19litre water bottles with the filtered rainwater. we have have 5 19litre bottles stored at any one time and can make more using any other water like puddles, snow, river, pond, etc.

    berkey should actually be paying me for how much info about berkey filters i have shared on the internet!!!

    if you have any questions just email me at

    again - i am very happy that you can now start collecting your own water legally!

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. We have a berkey at each house, we figured it was a good prep. We can make our own now and make sure we have plenty of spare filters around. We have about 100 gallons of water stored in the city and about 50 in the mountains.

      Lucky for us at each property we have creeks and such within 50 feet. Rain barrels, creeks, etc. we are trying to have a lot of backups for hydration.