Saturday, May 7, 2016


Beautiful day in the mountains, a little windy but there are storm clouds over all the peaks.

Rock is always excited when it's time to head out of the city. Sure, there are less bicycles to bark at but he gets to go swimming!

We dug all of the holes for the berry bushes, 10 in all. Ok, I did all the work but it's hard being cute and goofy all at once. A combination of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes are all going in the ground tomorrow. We have to devise a protective fencing for all of them that doesn't look like junk. If we don't, I'm afraid the deer will destroy them in a matter of days.

The water is flowing really well, the mountains are still packed with snow and as I type this it's snowing out on the east side and sunny on the west. Spring!

Work is still in turmoil, my boss decided not to replace the person who took over most of my old duties and decided that I would just do them. Now I have to cover all of those duties and that means my entire out of work life is screwed at least for the next 3 weeks. If I'm out of the office on weekend with work, I can't take extra days off during the week or else I'll fall behind with what I am supposed to be doing. Lately it's just getting ridiculous and my boss is out of town for the next 2 weeks so I can't even have a discussion about anything.

But, the best news of all... the brownies are done and out of the oven!


  1. We planted blueberries here a week or so ago.

    I had a boss like that. I used to get sick on Sunday night thinking about having to go to work the next day. He was truly an evil person. I stuck it out til I had twenty years in and could retire. Couldn't have found a job that paid so well anywhere else. Still don't know if I did the right thing or not.

    1. I'm going to keep plodding forward and doing what I can. CYA is the name of the game unfortunately unless something drastic changes