Tuesday, March 10, 2015

San Andreas earthquake movie

Yes, it's hollywood. Yes, it's whatever.

Sometimes I enjoy a movie for being a movie. A disaster movie = even better.

San Adreas Movie

The trailer was OK, hopefully the movie is better once you get rid of the cheese.


  1. I like that kind of flick. Did you ever see the History Channel "Docu-drama" After the Apocalypse. It was darn good.

  2. Looking forward to the movie. It's the kind that the grandkids like too, and there's almost always a kid that's also a hero.
    Since I've lived in California all my life and lived through many earthquakes I'm not afraid of them...unless I happen to be in the wrong place at the moment of the quake. If it was really that bad, I'd instantly start walking home. Not normally more than a three or four day walk away and the crazy panic will start about then.

    1. We are glad it's not something we need to be overly concerned with. At least with a forest fire you can see it coming.