Friday, March 27, 2015

Bits of conversation

Fun times on social media with people!

Besides, it's FUN FRIDAY!

Me: So the lies are okay, as long as they are in favor of what you think matters? I'm trying to understand the thinking, I'm not trying to change what you believe. I keep finding people who think the lies are fine as long as it supports whatever they think/feel/believe is right. But they are still lies. Lesser of two evils is still evil.

Not Me: I don't believe lies are okay. Our political parties in the US are far less then perfect and I am sure that there are lies on both sides. I firmly believe that there are far fewer with the Democrats. I also believe that the Democratic party has far more interest in the well being of the lower to middle class citizens of the country than does the Republican party whose main focus seems to be on lining their coffers more lavishly. Obama's accomplishments for the good of the whole stand on their own merit and don't need me to defend them.

Me: I'm just not willing to accept the lies and deceit from any side, group or party. That's the simple of it, and if just one more person decides not to accept the lesser of two evils, the little lies, or the less lies... well that's great, perhaps they can convince one more person too.

Not me: Well, if you plan on waiting until either side is perfect, you'll be waiting quite some time.

Beautiful spring weather is here, even some random snow! City house needs some projects done this weekend and we have to visit Costco. Hopefully they have strawberries so we can make jam. Work is just about overwhelming with my new promotion but I'm keeping my head above water and making progress on a lot of projects and issues.

I'll try to visit everyone when I can.


  1. Max, I can't read that blue print . Maybe it's just because I have a cheap laptop.

  2. Interesting comment. I thought it was the opposite party. Hence the problems?

  3. At least it's a civil discourse. You should see the stuff I have to filter.