Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sleep returns (sort of), shooting and other tidbits

The nasal allergy spray is working, I'm officially 90% better after 4 days and that's an incredible thing. As with most things in life, there are trade offs and with my return to sleep is my return to dreaming. Some might think this is a good thing, but there are demons in my subconscious and they really are enjoying my rediscovered ability to sleep for a few hours at a time.
I know that when I open my eyes and walk outside covered in nightmare sweat that at least I can breathe and know what reality and the present situation are.

At the cabin, as usual, and the full moon was really just amazing. Rock and I got some hiking in, checked out the mountains and local wildlife. We've already put in 9 miles and we have the rest of today still. I'm the only one out of bed right now, with Mother in Law being sick I'm not complaining when somebody sleeps in. Instead I find ways to be productive, including picking up dog crap from the driveway and around the deck (not Rock's).... it's a good thing I love animals and work on being patient/understanding.

 Sunrise hike, Rock see's every little creature.
 During our sunrise hike some quick bread was cooking. Flour, sugar, buttermilk, egg, baking soda, baking powder, butter, cinnamon. It tastes really good, but it doesn't look the best to me. I had some herbal tea and a rather large slice while I was reading blogs.

I met a couple of friends for some shooting last Sunday, we are getting together again this Sunday as well. We spent about 4 hours shooting, calling out targets, creating scenarios, etc. It takes time to not only ensure safety, but to check all the targets and cover each hole after a person is done with whatever thing we dreamed up. Some of it's very realistic, some of it's fun, all of it's possible. My aim wasn't on like usual (pistol at 50-70 feet) but I quickly adjusted and ended up being the champ at suppression fire while moving. I'll take back my pistol title next weekend.

The weather yesterday was fairly cold still, today it should be in the 50's. Perfect for hanging Christmas lights and getting the tree all decorated. Up the road from the cabin is this great sign, I can close my eyes and visualize a large Buffalo herd grazing under the watchful eye of the mountains.
 Rock still looks for the Buffalo....
 Black Friday sales were taken advantage of. In addition to $1100 in long term food storage, I decided to get another optic that I can place on my AR10. I love my EoTech on the AR-15 but for some reason decided to change it up a little. I got the cover installed to help break up the silhouette a little. I also have some multi cam and highlander furniture for the AR-15 due in this week.

Our work holiday party is Saturday night so I'll be there handing out all kinds of gift cards to everyone. Some cards are for each year, some are for every 5 years and some are for the entry level employee's to help them out a little more. I'll be getting an Amazon and Walmart gift card, rumor has it I'm getting a year end bonus sometime this month as well.
If that's the case we are talking about redoing the carpet here at the cabin and getting a new water heater for the in town house. We shall see, a bonus is never expected and the amount is never known.

Have a great week!


  1. Glad to hear you're getting more sleep, and that you're breathing easier.

    1. Thank you, it's good to be "somewhat normal". Now if I could just learn to sit still...

  2. Sounds like things are going well. Maybe that's not dog crap, maybe you have an elf infestation. Or illegal immigrants.

    1. No crops are grown so no need for illegals.... :)