Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Putting what we do into practice

Sure, some people have dreams of fighting Red Dawn style, others of rebuilding a community after a pandemic. I've always thought that looking at the big picture was great, but planning for what is the most likely is where we need to focus on.

With Mother in-law being sick and probably only going to be with us for a few more weeks at best, we are in our own little SHTF scenario, sort of.

I say that it's a 'sort of' shtf, since if we hadn't planned so well, it would be a disaster.

Let's say we were a typical American family (without kids). This would mean living paycheck to paycheck, no food or money put away for lean times. Suddenly your income is down 50% and you have to help take care of a sick parent. That, plus the added 'stress' of not having much time together as a family and having to eat out/to go food about 50% more often than before.

Sounds like a crap storm to me.

There are times when we talk about how this is all just silly, why bother, etc. but we keep on planning and trying to live a more prepared life. Our current situation reinforces how what we have been doing really does matter.

We cringe about what we would be going through if we were "normal" and are very thankful that we can simply do what needs to be done and not worry about a bill, mortgage or expense coming in.

Job loss, sick family member, medical emergency, auto repair bill, etc. Those might not be as "sexy" as ambushing some Red Army soldiers but they certainly are very realistic.

Cheese and crackers tomorrow night with most of the in-laws family. Spaghetti lunch for Christmas and then Rock and I are heading to the cabin for a few days. I hope everyone enjoys the Holiday and spends family time, alone time, dog time or whatever you like.


  1. Merry Christmas, Max. I hope you've weathered the worst of the storm.

  2. Put it all out of your mind just for a day. That's what I do. Best Wishes to you and the wife from us here in North Georgia's Blue Ridge.

    1. Thanks, it was a good day, and an escape was planned and happened!