Friday, December 26, 2014

A white Christmas!

Technically in order to have a white Christmas I had to split the day and escape to the mountains. I spent the morning (yesterday) reloading magazines and getting our range box put back in order. I did stumble upon an ammo can of brand new P-Mags, we had forgotten to label the box and assumed it was empty for the last year. I decided to keep those in plastic as we have about 50 loaded up already.

We went to the in-laws for late lunch spaghetti, my taste buds have been off lately but everyone said it was good. I figure I fought off a cold over the last week and my taste hasn't returned just yet.

Rock and I loaded up and headed to the cabin. I did get my Christmas presents, so we will kill some time installing new furniture on the AR's. One will be in Multicam, the other in Kryptek Highlander.

"Santa" also got me an EOTech EXPS3-4, I guess I've been good! I also guess that it's time to get some better night vision.

Oh yes the storm! Good cardio with the shovel. Rock didn't stick around long, his paws get ice chinks forming on the pads so he is only out for a little while. I'm going out for a few miles, in a few minutes. Visibility is about 25 feet right now, these pictures are from earlier.

The storm could drop up to a foot of snow, it's already about 7 inches total here at the cabin. On the edge of the tree's there isn't much snow at all since it blows across the valley. It's about 8 degrees right now, before wind chill, hiking sounds like fun! I really enjoy the cardio from hiking with a pack, it's a different kind of workout that most people are used to.

I've made some good gains at the gym this month, I'm up to 95 pound dumbbell bench presses and am hopeful I'll be back to 105's in each hand by the end of January. A lot of what I do seems to be a caloric intake game, sometimes I have a lot of energy, sometimes I just go for repetition instead of heavier weights.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and enjoyed whatever time they spent with family, friends or themselves.


  1. Sounds like you had a good Christmas, Max. We hope and pray your mother-in-law's last days are spent in relative peace, little pain, and surrounded by family.

    1. Thanks, that's all we are hoping for as well. She made her own decisions, isn't in pain, and has a lot of great memories to reflect on and talk about.

  2. I also wish for a series of god days for your mother-in-law and your family. Have a great year and enjoy your new tools.

    1. Thanks, we appreciate it. We are looking forward to an awesome year, we are blessed.

  3. Prayers for your mother-in-law Max.

    Question - On your storing all those PMAG's are they fully loaded or do you reduce the load by a couple. I have found it difficult to insert a PMAG loaded to 30 rounds IF my bolt is closed.


    1. I keep all of my mags loaded up. It took more of a mental retrain than anything to be able to insert with enough force to properly seat a full mag. I also don't want 18 rounds in the AR10 instead of 20.
      When we shoot, we practice all sorts of fun stuff including random reload action and I haven't had an issue in years getting a proper seated magazine.
      I don't think there is anything wrong with loading the mags with 28 or 29, really depends on style.
      It took me a lot of practice but now I just force it in like a smile at a company meeting. Sometimes the people I shoot with have a magazine drop out, perhaps I'll tell them to load out to 28 instead and see how that helps.