Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello coldness my old friend

I do love me some Simon and Garfunkel and I'm not even a hippie!

The wind picked up at the cabin on Saturday night and blew most of the snow away that was on the mountain tops. In the tree's, it just cleared the snow from the pines and even the rooftops a little. At one point we were outside and I was wearing cargo pants and a t-shirt and was fine. I saw the neighbors out for a hike and talked to them for a bit, they were dressed up like eskimo's and didn't leave the tree line.

We drove into town on Sunday morning after some cinnamon rolls were devoured. We have several different routes to choose from and fate had us take the first left. Two 20ish girls were in a little Suzuki car off the road in a ditch. They weren't hurt and the car was ok besides some barbed wire paint scars. I stayed with them while the Land Rover was retrieved and we winched them out and sent them on their way.

The girls were happy, hugs were given and received and they went up to the seminary to pray for us (everyone they knew was in church and it's not like there is much traffic... well there was the Amish lady on a horse). They also learned to drive really slow when making a sharp turn on iced up roads.

Windy, indeed. -20 or lower with the windchill.

 The wind did clear the road a lot, so even with the wind Rock and I had a good hike without his paws getting frozen. The cold wind doesn't bother him.

 I take photo's of my notes so I don't forget what I need to bring down on the next trip. I always forget to get the note.
 G-Code 3+2 with belt and molle attachments in Kryptek Highlander. I forgot I ordered this a few months ago but it showed up finally. I'll wear it around this weekend and see how it feels.

Heading to the cabin tonight, it's supposed to be -11 (before wind, if any) and I want to make sure the heat settings are up to the task. I'm going down tomorrow evening as well, for another long weekend. Rock and I will get lot's of books read and some good hiking done. It's New Years soon and it's a time of reflection for me.
The Christmas tree has to come down as well.


  1. We envy you that cold air; too warm here. Sounds like you had a good day, though.

    1. When it's warm and dry on Thanksgiving week, it's usually very cold the 2 weeks after Christmas. Had the gas fireplace going in the city this morning, old houses don't retain heat too well.

  2. That's looking mighty Ost Front there. Glad you were able to help the young women who got stuck.