Monday, July 7, 2014

Another week down.

It's July, and the time flying by just fits right in with the style that my life has always been. One day it's spring, the next I'm starting to harvest in the garden. It's not a bad thing, and its much better than being bored.
The lettuce in the background should be going to seed in the next week. I'll harvest a couple of plants and let the rest fall down, might be able to get 2 seedings before winter.
The yard is colorful, this rose bush will have about 100 roses by the end of the week. All of the rose bushes we have purchased and planted never seem to do really well. This particular bush was a transplant and has tripled in size this year.
The garden has beans, zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes that will need to be harvested this weekend. The hose running up the middle is my semi-permanent irrigation system. I have 2 hoses that feed 2 sprinklers each, covering the garden and the entire yard. I don't like the look of the hose but I don't want to bury it. I've got a lot of space in the garden and am going to drop another row of beans in next to the hose this week. The weeds aren't being very invasive this week, but I see a few small tree's that have popped up and need pulling.

I spent Friday night at the cabin with a friend, I had to go there to get the satellite internet hooked up. It's going to be part of my home office tax write off so it should help with taxes. I got a few curtains up to help keep the sun out and keep the place cool during the day, a few more curtains will be done this coming weekend. After the internet was hooked up my friend and I went for a hike, with the plan being to see the lakes that feed the creeks. We were short on time and ended up turning around about 3/4 mile from the lakes. It wasn't wasted time and the workout was great. The trail spends about 50% of the time following the creek and ends at the lakes. From the lakes you can hit a few 14,000 foot summits but that's an additional 5 hours round trip for the easiest summit.
The Crestone Needle (right) and Peak (left)

3 Marmot rock

Crestone Peak

Mount Humboldt (false summit)

This is a route up (real rock climbing gear needed) to the Needle
I had to work on Sunday so we left Saturday afternoon and the other half took the in-laws down for Saturday night and Sunday. They really enjoyed the relaxation time (they just finally finished moving into their new house) and were happy to get away.
There is a bluegrass festival this coming weekend so we will all be there again. I plan on getting more work done while everyone else is listening to the music in town. This works well for me, I tend to get more done when nobody is around:
The old trash burn cinder block structure needs to get removed so I can have firewood delivered. The curtains need to be finished, the garage needs to be emptied of a few things and cleaned (with a leaf blower), a path to the creek needs to be bushwhacked for water hauling, the wood shed needs some roof support beams installed, etc. Never ending, but it's good quality sweat equity work.

In closing, when you are a begging dog you often get what you want. That includes great hiking, creek swimming, bike barking and exhaustion.


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    1. Good and exhausting, but it's so rewarding. My relaxing is reading books and a few hours of DVR viewing each week. Only here once so I'm trying to do enough for two lifetimes! :)

  2. Max, buddy - that dog could get anything he wants! he is just sooo cute! your garden looks great as well. i'm glad that you got to spend some time at the cabin and the hiking in your area is to die for! do you do actual rock climbing? i know you do a lot of hiking but don't know if you rock climb or not. i'm glad your other half and the inlaws had a nice break, too. it sounds like you are doing very well - good for you!

    your friend,

    1. I once took a 30 foot rock climbing fall and broke my right leg and shattered my talus bone. I haven't done much climbing since then but have been getting back into it. I'm not sure if I'll ever do those routes requiring much more than an ice axe, but it's still good to stay in touch with that skill and ability.
      Here in Colorado Springs, we have a lot of good climbing (and a lot of bad stuff too), but this time of year it's too much sun exposure.

      Rock is a handsome boy for sure. He's going to meet my friends dog this week and I'm hoping they become best friends. Unfortunately both of them aren't the best with other dogs, so we shall see.

  3. The hiking looks great. You wouldn't see anything but trees here, most of the time.

    1. When I was a kid I loved getting 'lost' in the forest. Sword fighting the tree's with a branch in my hand, low crawling behind logs, running from the bad guys, etc.
      After chores of course.
      Good times!