Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Moving all of this 'stuff'

The rain came in last night after a day of clouds and cooler temperatures. The house was cooling off nicely, the rain was an added bonus that I wasn't expecting. I usually water the garden and yard two times a day, the rain just saves me money and gives everything better nutrients. Everything is nice and green, including the super tall lettuce. I've figured about 600+ seeds for harvest from t his seeding along.

While it was raining and during commercials from some Alaska series I have on DVR, I started moving supplies into the dining room. Tonight I'm taking a car load of stuff down to the cabin; buckets, cans, boxes, ammo, etc. I'm going to try and bring a load down twice a week until 70% of our current inventory is there. Then we will restock here at home so it's about a 65/35 ration of supplies at the cabin vs. home.
One thing that's nice about the cabin is when I need some ingredient or item, I plan on being able to source it from supplies. It's a 20 minute drive to town and I don't want to continually drive to town when we need something.
Brown sugar

Our favorite pancake mix
Being able to make a meal from food storage isn't just a valuable skill, it's usually less expensive and just damn handy. The pancake mix, butter, cooking spray, maple syrup were all from food storage. Even the tea for the tea kettle was storage. We are trying hard to live a simpler lifestyle while at the cabin, it's a lot more peaceful for sure. The next time I have a super month at work we will swap out the electric stove for propane, one large tank for cooking only should last a couple of years.
Flour, yeast, honey, butter, noodles, sauce, mustard, brown sugar, spices, meat, etc. are all the ingredients to make a great meal. Since I was alone for a few days that bowl of goulash lasted me 3 lunches and 2 dinners. The sad part of this meal was cutting the bread into small pieces, I finally got my dental implant started and I look forward to biting the crap out of a sandwich in September when it's all completed. I think the hardest part of the meals is waiting to reconstitute ingredients.

Here are a couple of shots of the view while out hiking only 1/4 mile from the cabin:
East of the cabin, looking North

East of the cabin, looking South East I think.

East of the cabin looking South, less than 1 mile to Nat. Forest.
You will notice there aren't any tree's and that's the lay of the land. We are in a large section of tree's, mainly hardwoods, and all thanks to the creek's. In the first picture you can see a few tree's, middle left, anything after that is farm/ranch land and it's cleared out.

I'm looking forward to the next few weekends at the cabin, getting more projects done and even a few relaxation days will be nice. Having a lot of supplies there will also be handy, luckily we've pretty much always bought 2 of everything (or more).
One last photo, the auction we went to. I ended up being on the front page of the local paper, I guess I just happen to be at the right place when they took a picture. Finally in the paper for something other than work or the crime blotter....
I jest.


  1. Sounds like things are really coming together - congrats!

    1. Thanks, slowly but for sure it's all falling into place.

  2. I would love to have a location to go to in the event of a serious social breakdown. I used to read the blog of a man who had a place by Ft. Garland. He sold his place, moved and took down his blog. He wrote about his place and other locations around him getting broken into when they were vacant. Maybe you have shored up your place to make it more secure, but this would be a concern for me if I had a location like this. Best wishes!

    1. It's in a pretty good area with low traffic and most of the neighbors are full time residents. If someone does break in, there really won't be anything worth stealing. Nobody wants the record player, the windows 2000 computer, a 12 year old stereo, etc. The average thief wouldn't steal buckets of beans and rice.
      If it happens, that's what insurance is for. The ATV's would be the biggest loss, but each door to the garage is double locked and 2 padlocks on the garage door rails make that a noisy job.

  3. Damn it. You have a better view than I do.

    Dat ain' rite!

    1. To be fair those view photo's are up the street 1/4 mile. I have a great view of the mountains and tree's from the cabin.