Monday, June 30, 2014

Introducing 'The Cabin'

Since we can't come up with a name, it's just going to be called 'The Cabin' for now. We haven't put much thought into what we want to call it, it's been a long few weeks and June was just too busy to concentrate.
After being gone for almost 3 weeks out of the last 4, it's nice to be back into rhythm, but after 3 hours of email this morning all I could do was laugh at the silliness of it all.

I was at the cabin for 3 days on my own, from dawn to dusk I worked my ass off. The previous owners preferred everything to be natural, and while that's nice, I wanted it looking a little different.

First thing to do was to clean the inside and that took an entire day to get it done so I felt it was clean. Once it was clean I had boxes to unpack, and it was dark out so I went to bed. When I say went to bed, I mean I layer on a sleeping mat and didn't get any sleep.

The next few days were spent outside cutting the weeds down and raking (20+ bags of pine needles and pine cones). I did chop and drop unless it was around the pine cone area, that had to be cleaned up. 2 days of dawn to dusk yard work like that beat me down hard. That meant 2 more nights of not much sleep as the furniture was not in yet and my body didn't appreciate the hard floor with a thin sleeping mat.

We were finally together and working on Thursday evening until we left yesterday. There is no TV and no internet at the cabin. The cell phone reception is spotty at best and for hours on end my phone was simply a camera. I'm debating adding internet but really don't care about it for now. If I need to work from there I'll do it and set up a home office for taxes, but otherwise I don't want it.

I'll try and catch up with everyone, and everything over the next few days. Here are the photo's, sorry about the bright/dark but it was sunny or everything was closed down to keep the heat out. We have a lot to do, but now we get to relax some as well.
Living room area


Kitchen and fireplace

more living room and the dining room

Guest bedroom

Master Bedroom
 Exterior shots. Take care everyone!!!


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    1. Thank you, it's taking shape fast!

  2. Good retreat. I had satellite internet some years back. It was functional in a marginal sort of way. Didn't work any time there was any weather, or any sunspot activity. It was terribly slow, and they charged you for usage, so the bills were unpredictable. I'm told that Hughes Net generation 4 has solved some of these issues but I take that with a grain of salt.

    1. Thanks Harry, there is still a lot to be done, and transported there in order to call it a retreat.... but all of that takes a little bit of time. The seller had HughesNet and said it was ok, but I need to see if they data cap, 2000+ emails a week isn't good for that nonsense.

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    1. Thanks! I hope things are going well for your family, I'll check in soon!

  4. Max - you have been a very good friend over the years and the comments that you have left on our blog have always been uplifting and positive.

    you know i hate to do this but i must always be true to myself and honest with everyone i deal with ----- so-----

    i fricken hate you! i can't believe that cabin! I would sooo love to have it! can you mail it to me or something? if not, then i am going to have to hate you.

    you lucky devil. did i mention that i hate you? bahahahahah!

    much love buddy! what a gorgeous place you have there. it is really gorgeous! your friend,

    1. It's too bad that you hate me, it hurt my one feeling I had left. Now I have no feeling and am just a robot.

      I'm glad you approve, your place was inspirational in grabbing our own 'manor'. It's getting some rain this week so hopefully it will be greener on Thursday when I head back down.

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    1. Thanks, we are very blessed to have it all work out.