Monday, July 14, 2014

The thunder rolls!

BOOM! 2:20 this morning the storm decided to interrupt my beauty sleep. I need a lot of it, but wasn't successful this weekend. The cabin got a lot of rain on Saturday night, about 10 hours of a nice light rain. Last night the storm was amazing to watch, strikes all around the area and close to the homestead.
After I closed all of the windows and soaked up some excess water I just had to get some sleep. Closing the windows meant it wasn't going to get into the upper 40's inside, but it was that or have a lot of wet stuff as the wind was pretty relentless. I managed to doze off in between flashes and booms and was the portrait of sunshine and happiness when I awoke at 5:40.

The drive to work isn't bad, 90 minutes and it's the amount of time I'm awake before I would leave from the city house to arrive on time. I don't have a set time, and that's good, I encountered some high water and had to backtrack a bit.
Water was up to almost the top of the tires
Turned around and headed back toward the higher ground
I managed two great runs, and some good family time. It was the annual Bluegrass Festival, the town was overrun with about 5,000+ people so we decided to listen to bluegrass at the cabin instead of mingle and pay $45 a person. The running is going well again, I've dropped a lot of weight and changed my diet to a lot more fruits and cut out about 90% of the processed foods. I wasn't really eating bad, but I wasn't focused on trying to lose weight and now its amazing how bad it seems in hindsight.
I love running downhill but my quads aren't appreciative today. That means they won't appreciate tonights planned downhill fun.
We did some yard and flower bed beautification, cleaned out the garage and removed the cinder block burn 'pit'. It's all coming together nicely and is allowing for some relaxation in between projects.

Here are some more photo's from this weekend. I'm heading down on Wednesday with a few hundred pounds of food/supplies and then we will both be back on Friday for ATV weekend excitement.
Rock checking for the horses and his country girlfriend Lorie the Aussie.

Have to check the stovepipe cap, seems to be a small issue

1/2 way point between the two houses, surrounded by prisons but nice view of Pikes Peak

West of the cabin, looking South East

End of the 'road'. I'm going to hike up there soon and check it out

I think this was looking towards the cabin from west to South East.

Random scenery shot this morning

More scenery from the weekend, close to the cabin

Rock in a 5 minute stare down with a local
Rock did great in his third meeting with the Amish aussie, her name is Lorie. She is starved for attention and is an outside free to wander dog. They took a walk together (Rock on leash of course), shared some water and sniffs, and acted like old friends. This is a big leap forward for a dog who is very dog and human selective and takes a few meetings to even stop growling and barking at friends.

I forgot my fruit salad at the cabin, so it's an early lunch for me.


  1. I saw a news headline from out there this week. It said "Colorado Man and his Dog get plague". Wondered if it was you.

    1. Well I appreciate you thinking of me. The closest I got was getting this new implant drilled into my jaw.