Monday, April 14, 2014

Taxes are finally done

My taxes anyhow, someone else files an extension but it's probably more of programing vs. need. This is the first time in an unknown number of years I'm due a refund. I thought that was pretty kind of them since they took over $40,000.
The majority of my being can't stand that they take money from me without giving me a say in what happens with it. Sure, they pretend to give me a say every 2 years with a single vote but I know it's just a lie. I'm also fortunate that the higher the amount they take equals the more money I make and get to take home (not exactly but I get it).

But who will build the roads.....

Saturday morning I went for a run with a friend and the ranger was posted at a closed section and he reminded us the closed section was... well closed. We said thanks and watched dozens of bikes and hikers go up the closed route.

An article in the paper last week talked about the area, it  would remained closed. They are trying to get a $250,000 grant for the repairs before they work on it and that it was unstable and closed from the flooding last fall. This was a lie, it's been closed for almost 2 years, to motorized vehicles, and now it's closed to bikes and people as well.

During our run, we did see new signs (brand new tax money funded signs) that say "road closed to motor vehicles", and it's a good thing, you never know when a vehicle will smash down the large metal padlocked gates and drive up the road to view these signs and then turn around in fear.

This was a picture from Friday evening, Saturday was the same. We spent time doing some yard chores and house chores, everything is looking really good for so early in spring. My neighbors all have brown/no grass (or weeds) but for us a healthy yard is important to our sanity.

This is from Sunday when we told him no hiking during a blizzard. We sure do love his expressions. We spent the day cleaning guns and I finished one book and then read another. I wanted to watch game of thrones but wasn't in the mood. This morning I've already seen the spoilers, but whatever, I'm sure it will still be very good.


  1. My God. I thought I was ill used paying $23,000 in fed income tax this year. You are an affluent young man if they soaked you for $40,000. But we both have the privilege of knowing we paid for food, housing and medical care for illegal immigrants who have no business being here in the first place.

    1. I'm glad you replied, when I got here to comment I could see our phone number and real name on Rocks tags. Good resolution on the iPhone. People might not call me Max anymore....

      Thanks for the kind words, I've been very fortunate and a lot lucky. We tell ourselves that the amount we get withheld and/or pay in is in direct relation to the income we bring home. Having no influence where that money goes/how it's used is nauseating.

      That is why we try to do a lot for our friends, family and animals, we realize just how fortunate we are.

  2. Max - taxes are something that everyone hates and everyone relates to everyone hating them - i hate them. like you and Harry have said - not having any direct say in where the money is used makes it even more hateful!

    oh and btw, i love your sense of sarcasm in your posts. i always get a good laugh! your friend,