Monday, April 21, 2014

Cabin photo's from previous post

These are photo's of the cabin that I really like, they aren't the best since I got them online.

The cabin would be at your back, literally. This is the ranch.

Nice fireplace

It's not a large cabin, 3bed/1bath, but that's plenty for us

This is looking towards the streams

Standing almost at the driveway edge, looking in.

Zoomed out shot of the center

Standing in the parking area

Canning, laundry and the well tank all in one spot!

Standing in the parking area, looking towards the mountains

Small rooms but it's a cabin!

Looking towards the parking area and cabin

Behind the cabin, ranch to the right, cabin to the left.

More canning, and I already use those racks for mine! 

Plenty of space.
Is this a dream match or what? We are setting an appointment to see it in 2 weeks. It's been on t he market for almost a year.


  1. Looks fine - and imminently livable - to me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We are excited about it. Now we just need a realtor to contact us back..... as usual.

  2. I hope that works out. It looks beautiful.

    1. We picked another cabin to look at, that we have seen previously, just so we don't miss out on an opportunity. Maybe it won't be so junky this time, but now we have 2 prospects.

  3. oh Max - it's beautiful! GET IT! hunt that realtor down with a gun if you have to! i looooooove it!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks, I'm all ready for it, if it's the right place. If we like the inside, and how the lot is laid out (in person), I'll make an offer. If they accept, then it's a well water test, inspection, appraisal and title search. Ugh.

  4. Good Providence on this one. Sure looks nice.

  5. The cabin looks nice and the location is beautiful. Good luck with it!