Friday, April 4, 2014

Expectations set way too high

I've come to realize that we set our expectations way too high. Being a pessimist, I'm supposed to be pleasantly surprised all the time, that's what being a pessimist is all about... right?

I figured if I was an optimist, I would be disappointed all the time, so why set myself up for failure. I'm not even talking about big things. If I wasn't a pessimist, I would have been sad that my cupcakes got smashed in the front ATV bag.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised they didn't get smashed more, and happy still tasted like horrible sweet fake goodness. For the record, I still tried to eat the cake before the frosting but it was difficult.

Is the bar too high? I guess so, but I'm not sure how to lower it.

I think people should generally obey the law, especially when it comes to the possible safety of others, like:
Don't shoot in a city park, across the road
Don't hit your golf balls over the edge of cliffs, on a roadside, when there is another road below you as well as hiking trails
Don't keep your dog off leash in a city park
Stop texting and driving

How about things like:
The mail delivery person should be able to push the mail into the mail slot all the way so it can't be grabbed by anyone walking by the box.
Cashiers should be able to count my change back, correctly, and not drop a lump of change and the receipt in my hand all at once.
The vending machine at work should always be stocked with bottled water so employees don't take the free bottles reserved for the paying customers.

Apparently the expectation bar was set so high a 777 could fly under it.... oh wait...

The biggest pessimist mistake this week: Thinking a Real Estate agent would return an email about a property we are interested in possibly purchasing. Sure, there were a few questions in the email (gallons per minute and any restricted use on the well, heating system type and fuel source) but a simple: Looking into it, I'll get back with you shortly, thanks (for wanting to possibly business with me so I earn a lot of money for almost zero work).

I'm an optimist, and this explains everything. SONOFA!


  1. Bar set too high? So it would seem. Too bad, that, but it's the society we live in. Dang it.

  2. I steal a quote from Edmund Burke, "Manners are more important than laws. Upon them, in great a great measure, the laws depend." I think of this when I read stories like yours.