Monday, April 28, 2014

Property debating, dog attacking, garden prepping life.

Property searching is fun, and damn exhausting at the same time. It's mainly mental, there is a lot we are trying to put into the overall decision.

On the advice of Kymber we made a point system. A property gets a point if it has a metal slide roof, water on the property (besides the well), garage, one point per acre, wood stove, etc.

Both properties had the exact same score and we both like them, but have different favorites. This makes it really difficult and will eventually end up at the price. The log sided cabin with the spring and creek on the property is my favorite. It needs yard work and a little work inside, and of course furnishing needs to be done. It didn't help that a mouse ran across the floor while we were looking at the kitchen.
PLUS.... yes, on private property, while looking at the property and cabin, a dog ran up into the property and attacked Rock. I swear, it really happened and I have witnesses... the dog was being walked on the road, 80 feet away and it just ran up and tried to attack rock (who was of course on leash). After we kicked the other dog away, I drew down on it, I'm not putting up with this shit anymore. The dogs owner said sorry and walked away. The good news is all of my quick draw practice and training paid off, 1 handed draw from under my t-shirt in probably 1.5 seconds.
Why the hate people, I'm so cute!

The other cabin has 4 more acres, is furnished and really only needs some yard work (to be fair both places have fine yards, just not the way we want them to be) but has a crazy neighbor (who lied about his service record to get on a wonder-warrior type deer hunt). I'm crazier and I don't lie about my service time.

The "creek cabin" offer has been suggested to start $20k lower than the "crazy neighbor" cabin. Here is a shot of the woods (there is a huge wild turkey in the picture, but you will probably have to take my word on it if you can't see it almost dead center in between the two bigger trees).
Tons of wildlife on this, and the creek cabin properties.

To make things even more exciting, we found another place with 3.3 acres and 500+ creekside frontage (unsure about water rights) that we are trying to schedule a showing at.

Here are the pictures I took at the creek cabin:
End of the kitchen with laundry. Hundreds of jars of canned goods.

From the small bedroom looking out towards the front door/living room.

Kitchen isn't updated but it's a cabin and looks good.

Living room looking out (yes, it was sunny).

Next to the bathroom door looking into office and bedroom.

Closet in the small bedroom.

Office (although they say it's a 3rd bedroom) you pass through before the master bedroom.

So yes, my life just doesn't stop being exciting. We also made sure the current homestead isn't being neglected and is ready for the garden to be planted this weekend.
Our yard is super green, neighbors are all weeds.

Transplanted the tomato plants

Ran out of jiffy pots so I improvised. The peppers are still tiny.
The lettuce that went to seed last year is doing well, I'm going to plant a ton more on Saturday and let it go to seed again (what we don't eat). The chives are also back for the 3rd year. I have nothing growing from the compost, probably due to it being turned over several times since the fall.
Lettuce awaiting a salad, even a stray squash of some type is growing.

Welcome to the wild west!


  1. As far as I am concerned, neighbors, cranky, crazy or not deducts 10 points from any place. Neighbors are nothing but trouble sooner or later.

    1. I'll disagree with you but I understand your point. We are all neighbors to someone, no matter how far away you are.

  2. ack. where do i start? i have to agree with tewshooz....neighbours are always a problem. we are so thankful for the neighbours that we have, by accident, because we weren't even thinking of that when we bought this place. there's some people in this community that, if they were our neighbours - we'd have to move! so the whole neighbour thing really does have to be considered. my goodness that little dog of yours is cute!

    much love to you and yours and good luck with any property purchase. i can't wait to see what property you guys decide on. and i can't wait for you to be out there full-time.

    your friend,

    1. We have a few good neighbors right now. One we chat with on occasion, one we let know when we are out of town (they do the same). Otherwise we don't associate with anyone else, and it will be the same when we get a cabin.

      Full time won't be for a while, it's a 60-90 minute drive so that will only work out once in a while (stay until Monday morning for example). It's going to be an adventure, some hard work here and there, and a lot of relaxation.
      Too much of any of those three and we will go nuts. We are heading to a showing in a few minutes, then we will make an offer on one of the 3.

  3. Re: the creek cabin's office/3rd bedroom - it's a bedroom per any building code because it has a closet in it. A room without a closet cannot be called a bedroom on a house plan, regardless of how it's used. But enough of that; the place looks nice, and I like it too (for whatever that's worth).

    1. I put an offer in on another property, I'll upload photo's soon I hope. I'm not too excited, anything can happen (inspection, appraisal, property line issues, etc.).