Monday, December 2, 2013

Time away, or how not to make pie crust.

With the end of the year fast approaching, work demands more and more of my time (while I'm at work anyhow). It's always a huge push and we should end up with a 27% increase year over year, but being #1 in the world means everyone else is always biting at your heels.
I decided to not read the news, blogs, etc. for a few weeks. It was a nice break for my brain, but perhaps I wouldn't have run out of flour on Thanksgiving... yes, I ran out of flour while trying to make pie crusts. To be fair I have 200+ pounds but I didn't want to break open anything long term. We hit the store, I picked up pre-made pie crusts (hey, it's the in-laws) and rushed back home for the finish. There was a store bought peach pie, so I didn't feel too bad, but it's not how I would have liked it to turn out.

Have some pictures:
First real snow, had to shovel twice so the walkway wouldn't ice over.

Rolls, not as brown as I would like but 3 pans at once in the top oven.

The poor mincemeat pie wasn't a hit but it brought me back to childhood.
Thanksgiving was nice, 16 people, I had a long very boring weekend away from work. I suppose it's good to relax and not do anything (literally) but after two days I was going nuts. I hit the gym, did a trail run and then hit the gym, did some work and watched some football. The Alabama game finish pissed me off but at least Georgia won and Texas A&M lost so it evened out.

It's going to be in the 60's today and tomorrow with a foot of snow on Wednesday, this is how we live on the front range. We picked up a portable indoor propane heater as a house gift for the holidays, a new vacuum will get picked up at Christmas and I need a new electric razor. Otherwise it's business as usual, I've got about 10 books to read, some food storage to organize and my quest to get healthier and fitter is never ending.

We are going to some parties this week, our company holiday party included (400 or so people, someone save me). These are the things that remind me why my Dad was somewhat of a hermit, but it's a good lesson in patience and staying out of prison.


  1. My wife's company party is this Friday evening, with some 400 to 500 registered. I'd give a lot to be somewhere else, but ... alas.

    1. I take 'alas' as meaning you would be in some serious hot water if you didn't go....
      I actually have to be up speaking and handing things out, last year I dropped more than one f bomb on accident, and even that didn't get me canned as bonus/tenure handout person.

  2. I hear you are in for some very cold weather up your way this week.

    1. Yesterday was 60, today will be 58 or so. Tonight will be 7 and tomorrow will be 10. Perhaps a foot of snow, guess I wont be wearing shorts for a few days.
      The good news is it's warm enough, often enough, to pick up the yard after the dogs.