Thursday, November 14, 2013

When halfway is called hell...

I had some fun with my Mormon neighbor and a couple of work buddies. It was almost 70 degrees (again), couldn't ask for a better day to be in the middle of the street.
This was the 50 foot turn around for the prowler
50lb. medicine ball on the left, prowler on the right, metal skids on asphalt

Truck organizing skills...

Highland games regulation length hammers. Farmer carry bars in the background.
Then I went to the gym. I was worried if I didn't show up, my usual workout partner might decide to take an extra night off. Being accountable to someone is important in any fitness plan, especially for those who aren't self motivating. I went with lighter weights than normal but still got in an overall intense workout day.
The 5 day plan means I only have 4 more workouts left out of 30 (hence the circled 26). I wanted to get 30 days of really intense workouts with a lot of Olympic and strongman type workouts. I honestly think that anyone can eventually lift heavy weights or be strong or have endurance... but I want it all.
I'm a greedy little fool like that.


  1. I wish it was 70 degrees here. It's freezing cold.

    1. It's 64 right now. I watered when I was at the house making a sandwich. Well 2 sandwiches, honey ham on home baked wheat bread... hard to make just 1.

      In fact, I let my lettuce go to seed and I have fresh lettuce popping up. I blame hair spray.