Thursday, December 5, 2013

Skip the gym, shovel snow!

The snow falls in clumps, I keep thinking it's just building up on my head but it's really falling in clumps. Many people hate the cold or the snow but we like it, not enough to move to a more northern state, but it's still fun.
I shoveled for a few hours last night, the city plow came by and I SWEAR he plowed closer than ever, since I was standing there. At the last moment I saw baby kittens running for the hills, so I turned around and got a blast of snow to my ass.
The neighbors enjoy walking to the neighborhood coffee shop, and they really enjoy that I shovel ALL of the snow, and I mean all of it, back into the road so the area in front of our fence is snow free. I do it mainly to keep it from icing over as it starts to melt (sometime next week), otherwise I would make big piles for them to navigate around and over.
It stopped snowing a few hours later, total snowfall was about 8 inches. It got cold, real cold for here, and for the first time in years I wore pajamas to bed and didn't wake up in a pool of sweat. 61 degrees in the house is fine, but the bedroom heater is on the other side of the room from the bed and the dogs steal blankets.
This morning it was -9 with no wind, I took my time and warmed the car up, shoveled all the snow the plow tossed back and then got a little mocha once I finally arrived at work.

Have some cuteness, stay warm:


  1. That looks familiar; seems our cold front from last week finally made it down your way.

    Sorry 'bout that. :)

    1. I'm enjoying it, thanks! I figured it looked familiar to you, makes the nose hair all crispy!

  2. That's a lot of work. Don't give yourself a heart attack. Looks nice, though, doesn't it. Snow is like that. Nice to have until you have to go somewhere and then it is not so pleasant.

    1. Yes, when I have to go somewhere I get to deal with everyone else on the road. Big SUV's going 5 mph, people pretending the road isn't divided by lines, etc.
      Ah, winter.

  3. Max, don't keel over please. And don't hurt your back. I'm afraid I cheat, I have a small snow blower....
    It got cold here. Right at this moment, its 6* with a WC of -8*. Its supposed to get -8* air temp with a WC of -25*.
    I hope the kittens didn't get smothered! I had a snow plow do that to me during a bad blizzard. We had 25 inches of snow and I was trying to get out of the driveway and a plow covered me with snow deliberately. I was so pee-ed off it wasn't funny. I was also frozen.
    Have fun Max, enjoy. Thanks for sharing the doggies romp. We need cuteness every now and then.

    1. I glad you enjoyed the dogs. Sometimes they love the snow, sometimes they don't like the ice in the paws.
      It was -10 this morning, the house was at 59 degrees, we are going to get the stove fired up to help get he house back up to a balmy 64.
      I can't remember the movie, michael keaton perhaps or bill murray, where the mail delivery guy was a maniac.... just reminds me of a plow driver.