Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What happens at the holiday party

Always comes out on Monday morning.
Who slept together, who offered to pay for sex, who lifter her skirt up to show everyone a tattoo and thong, etc.
We were home sleeping, thankfully, and only have to deal with minor drunked-ness during the party. A good time was had, I learned a few employees names and it was nice to see how grown up some of the kids have gotten, it's been almost 17 years of holiday parties.

It warmed up again, 30 today but it should be in the 50's this weekend. I avoided dozens of accidents and didn't strangle anyone who almost killed me (yes, strangling while dead is an act of sheer willpower).

So yes, winter is here and leaving. -20 one night, and that got the house down to 59 degrees so we fired up the stove and the house has been holding steady at 64 since then. It just couldn't keep up with the sudden cold snap but now it's happy!

I'm hitting the gym super hard so I'm making sure I'm eating a lot. Mac and Cheese isn't the best food but it's energy and when combined with steak it's just awesome-on-a-plate. My protein shakes have oatmeal, orange juice, kale, spinach, etc. and I haven't eaten too many brownies (I gave most of them away).
Our group had a meeting where we showed our 72 hour bags get home bags, etc. The variety was interesting but only a few people participated so I don't think many are a prepared as they would like everyone to think. Someone made a snide comment on how much my bag cost, but I explained it's only necessary to buy something once if you save up and do your research.

It's the time of year for house gifts. Going for a new water heater and vacuum, ended up with these:
Not the $300 each stands, that's just silly since each unit cost $699. They were on sale and we paid $750 less than retail. The old washer (top load) used almost 50 gallons of water per load, and with an electric water heater the utility bill is silly expensive so we are making adjustments and spending more than planned. It will balance out in the near future.

Now we need to go back for a vacuum and water heater.


  1. Always good to be able to upgrade something and save money over the long term. I use gas (propane) for cooking, heating, the hot water heater, and the dryer.

    1. We are looking forward to saving all the water, and of course the cost to heat it. The hot water heater is about 20 years old and electric, time for a change!

  2. Good deal on the appliances. Re: the Christmas party antics, I guess my company's full of dullards ... nothing like that ever happens!

    1. You can be the one to create the drama next year, make it a resolution!

  3. I've had mine, which are similar to yours, for over 10 years. They are great! Although they make all kinds of new detergent for them you can use your regular detergent...only use 1/4 of the amount. Really, that's all you need. You won't be sorry you bought the stands (although mine were only $150 each but my washer and drier were way more because it was a new style!) since they are really low to the ground without them.

    1. We were talking about trying to find the stands online somewhere for a lot less, it's hard to swallow the cost when it's 1/2 the price of each machine.
      I'm glad to know you can use the regular detergent, we have 10 bottles of it, I stock up when it's on sale. Reading about it online gave mostly 'no don't use it', so we shall try the 1/4 amount so it doesn't suds up.

  4. You will LOVE the front loader. I love mine. I love my stands as I don't have room for shelves in my laundry room. Gets everything out of the way and put in its place where I can find things.
    It is supposed to hit around 45* today and cooler tomorrow.
    Supper looks delish, but I had a round of flu and right at the moment, food just does not smell or look good. Its getting better though.
    Ah yes, the infinite corporate Christmas parties! We usually knew after a few weeks when we would get a new manager from the group or some other promotion, who put out or put up at the Christmas party.
    Have a great warm, snug day, Max.

    1. I'm glad you are on the road to recovery, being sick isn't fun, the things we need to accomplish don't do it themselves.
      The house was 66 degrees this morning, so I know it's going to be a warm day... that also means I woke up gasping for air and sweating like I was in a sauna. 2 degree's make all the difference for me.
      I hope you have a great, getting better kind of day.