Friday, June 7, 2013


I stopped in and talked with my favorite Arab's yesterday, having been out of touch for a few months, and of course I asked how the families were doing in Syria. I was surprised.
All I know is what I see in the media, so had formed assumptions that the uprising/rebels were what the people wanted and even needed.
Here is what I got for information, from my friends talking with their families.

The majority of people in Syria support the government, and the government controls a majority of the country still. Some of the families live in "rebel" controlled areas, and since they are Christian they are resorting to wearing veils, headscarfs and traditional Muslim clothing. This is to prevent being beaten or raped.
**I was under the impression that life was better in the "rebel" controlled areas and that the majority wanted the Assad Government ousted.**
Out of the dozens of family members between the 3 combined families, spread out across the country, there isn't one single account of firsthand or even secondhand chemical weapon usage.
**What's all the news about the obvious use and everyone knows about it, especially when the Vice President was foaming at the mouth about it?**
Hezbollah is backing the government forces and if they prevail it will cause the country to be full of terrorists.
**We are backing the rebels and yet can't explain why, so you get support from whomever you can, including Russia.**
The majority people of Syria want help from everyone to oust Assad
**The people of Syria want to be left alone and had a good life until the uprising. People are leaving the country but who can blame them. We all know what happens when the UN or the US back an uprising in the Middle Each. is Egypt any better? Lybia? Afghanistan? Iraq? (well it's better in some aspects, much worse in others). I'd gtfo too.

I deleted my facebook, don't miss it. I wasn't super active on it but would still click it a few times each day. Now people can call me, I'm so old fashioned.


  1. If they think they had a good life, then who am I to intervene?

    While I think Assad is a SOB and needs hanged, he was at least maintaining a relatively stable situation until this mess started. Now they have 100,000 people dead and more to come if this thing spreads to the countries surrounding them and it looks as though it is.

    Good post. It's good to get reports from someone like your friend that knows what's going on rather than lies from the media.

    1. Thanks Matt. I agree, if they are happy, stay away. If they want to overthrow, let them... just don't interfere we can't afford it and we aren't the world police.