Monday, June 3, 2013

A "BBQ group" BBQ!

Never, and I do mean never, in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that we would have had 20 children at our house. It was like a small invasion... of small people.

We decided instead of having a serious meeting each month, we would get together once in a while and just socialize and get to know each other. We volunteered for the first social event, since if there is one thing we can do well is host a BBQ.

20 children, 13 adults. This is what we prepare for, these are the people who are the future who deserve every opportunity we can give them. They are not ours, but they are family all the same and that makes us all push forward and drive on. Train harder, run longer, lift heavier, prep/store more, etc. None of us want anything to happen and we will head off whatever turmoil we can while being ready for a time that most of us feel will come.

In other news I watered the biggest tree in the yard with a simple siphon and our rain barrels. It's supposed to rain this week but the tree still got 50 gallons of good water. It helps that it's located at the end of the rain barrel overflow system. Once the garden plants get bigger I'll use this water on them, but since it's a bucket brigade they need a bigger root system than 1 week old.

That guys expression says it all, but he should have been focused on not landing on his head. Insanity Mud Run was a blast, we are getting a team together for one later this year. It's better to do an event like this with a team since it's not about the win. I did watch 8 people severely sprain or break an ankle on this finish line obstacle. Why do people flail about when they fall, that's never helpful.

The garden is booming, after one week. We have cucumbers, squash, lettuce, beets, onions, and potatoes popping up. Might be a banner crop.

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