Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

In true me style I decided to do something at random and ran up a small mountain in celebration of Fathers Day. Completing something that's challenging is a great way for me to remember my Dad, he had the best never give up attitude I've ever known.

It's a nice view, and it's already hot outside. It was very spur of the moment, I didn't even have my normal running attire on, but up I went. The trick with running up single track is to take small steps and use more of your toes instead the majority of your foot. This way you work your calf muscles, on the way down you work your quad muscles as you impact with long strides and try not to trip.

My new get home bag setup seems to be working out great, this is the first time I've hauled it anywhere. Between the pack and the hard box I have a lot of gear, but all suited up it's very comfortable. The latest addition was a hydration pack but it's much better than water bottles. I carry 3 purification systems; life straw, purification tablets and a charcoal in line filter. Most of my routes home follow the railroad tracks, and most track follow water.

The river in the pictures above is the Arkansas river and it's very dirty with all of the spring runoff, I don't have any coffee filters in my bag but I'll change that when I get home. I can use a shirt for a pre filter if necessary but it doesn't get all of the fine silt out.

Enjoy Fathers Day, do something exciting, challenging, fun.

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